EazyDiner is Focused on Eating Sector, Not on Food Delivery


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Amazon and Flipkart owned-Walmart, they together handle 90% of Indian E-commerce market

Ten Indian startups made it to the Unicorn startup companies list

EazyDiner has increased 10 times in the last two years

EazyDiner is an e-restaurant reservation platform managed under Sanghavi and others with expertise in the accommodation business. First launched as an assistance, people can now make orders straight through their mobile app as well. It gives quick and concise details and reviews, finding restaurants and bars, and offers online reservations. 

Amazon and Flipkart owned-Walmart, they together handle 90% of Indian E-commerce market, which is estimated to gross $150 Billion (INR 10 lakh crore) by 2022. The US-based retail brands have grasped their reach in categories such as mobile phones, accessories, books, electronics, fashion and clothing, baby care, beauty, and more others. The top cab-hailing unicorn platforms such as Ola and Uber handle 90% of the $10 Billion (INR 70 crore) ride-hailing market in the country. 

Comparably, The Food tech market has a similar status, billion-dollar companies such as Zomato and Swiggy prevail the space. According to RedSeer Consulting, there are over 15 lakh orders on a daily average, Zomato generates more than 5.2 lakh orders and Swiggy generates more than six lakh orders every day. 

Experts believe the positives of producing more unicorn companies, the start-up system can get influenced the cause of the dominance of a few brands in all over the market. Last year, Ten Indian startups made it to the Unicorn startup companies list, and currently, India has 22 companies with a valuation of $1 Billion and more.

Rohit Dasgupta, co-founder, and CEO, EazyDiner said, “We are concentrated on the reservation sector and not on food delivery. When anyone is ordering home, you may think of Zomato or Swiggy. But whenever you are eating out, you always think of EazyDIner. We provide a friction-free quick table reservation experience at restaurants and have increased 10 times in the last two years.” 

Last year, EazyDiner launched the country’s most exclusive and strong dining program. In partnership with American Express, ‘EazyDiner Prime’. The reservation platform prime features over 400+ of the country’s best restaurants curated based on users review and feedback. The program provides significant benefits with great savings every time an EazyDiner Prime user eats out. 

Kapil Chopra said in an interview, “With EazyDiner, we take dining game to a whole another level with a strong program that provides customers to enjoy exclusive discounts and offers across all restaurants around the country. It distorts other dining programs as the discounts and offers are not just confined to the members or with selected items on the menu or bill, but it applies to the entire meal. From 25 per cent to 50 per cent discounts are on the total bill and in few restaurants in addition to the discount, there are premium complimentary drinks for the entire table. We target at making eating out rewarding, effortless and friction-free.”

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