AI platform Haptik develops a voice bot for KFC India on Amazon’s Alexa

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Haptik has developed a voice bot for KFC India – on Amazon developed virtual assistant Alexa

Alexa provides customers with an effortless order making the process

The order placement process in an automated, easy, effortless, and appropriate system

Haptik is one of the world’s largest venture conversational AI platform based in Mumbai. Founded in 2013 by Aakrit Vaish, A contender to the Forbes India 30 under 30 lists in 2015, and Swapan Rajdev, an Ex-ETL consultant at Accenture. Haptik includes more than 500 brands such as Coca-cola, ICICI Bank, Samsung, Mahindra Group, and others. 

The world’s largest conversational AI platform has developed a voice bot for KFC India – on Amazon developed virtual assistant Alexa. The two enterprises amalgamated to develop the bot for KFC India that will significantly smooth and hasten the food ordering process by providing conversational service. 

The new KFC skill by Amazon’s Alexa provides customers with an effortless order-making process, right from the menu list, placing an order, updating offers, also amusing customers with a chicken joke. The voice bot’s smart purpose and entity detection engine understand the user wants and fulfil the order placement process in an automated, easy, effortless, and appropriate system. When the user commands, “Alexa, launch/ Start KFC”. The user gets the newest items on the KFC menu such as snacks and beverages with the latest offers.

The Haptik developed bot is the first-ever skill for a QSR brand in India. Worldwide KFC is in more than 22,000 locations across 135 countries and this would be the first time the enterprise headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky has launched a bot-based order placement service on a virtual assistant. The bot developed for KFC restaurant by using generating the user’s location, the service also provides customers of the product-availability in these restaurants. 

To make this service more appealing, it also gives fun trivia related to the brand, facts on its founder Colonel Sanders, chicken jokes and others have been added to the skill. At the same time, the bot is prepared with the knowledge of analyzing and understanding users behaviour and preferences. Haptik has worked with KFC India’s tech team to make sure the back end systems and APIs are structured to assist a voice-first platform. The KFC will also enable devices compatible for images of the menu items displayed on the screens soon. 

CEO Vaish said, “It gives us enormous pleasure to team up with one of the most known QSR brands in the world for a dedicated, Alexa skill. It was an exciting and challenging job given the unique product name on the KFC’s menu. The bot was sharply constructed on the key institutions and the prime aims a user would express in a food ordering flow. We had a magnificent experience working in tandem with the crew at KFC India and hope that the bot in coming time enhances the eminent gastronomic experience provided by KFC.”

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