Aadvik Foods Shark Tank India Success Story with Camel Milk Products

Aadvik Foods on Shark Tank India

Three points you will get to know in this article:

  • Aadvik Foods innovates with camel milk and other dairy products.
  • Aadvik Foods aims to support camel herders and protect the declining camel population.
  • Aadvik Foods on Shark Tank India got investment and is selling well, mostly via D2C.

Shark Tank India Featured Aadvik Foods

Aadvik Foods logo

Aadvik Foods is a company focused on creating unique and innovative products, with their first product being camel milk.  Aadvik Foods is known for its diverse range of products, including camel milk, camel milk powder, goat milk, donkey milk, handmade camel milk soaps, flavored camel milk powder, camel and goat milk chocolates, goat feta cheese, and camel feta cheese.

They emphasize quality, sustainability, and health benefits in all their products, ensuring that the products are made with care and keeping the consumers’ health in mind. By working closely with over 200 camel herders and implementing quality checks at every stage of production, Aadvik Foods aims to deliver the healthiest camel milk products to their customers, promoting the consumption of camel milk as a nutrient-rich superfood. Their commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction has made them a prominent brand in the industry, recognized as the first company in India to process, brand, and market camel milk and its products both domestically and internationally.

Mr. Hitesh Rathi and Mr. Shrey Kumar - Aadvik Foods Founder

Our Founders, Mr. Hitesh Rathi and Mr. Shrey Kumar, started Aadvik Foods in 2015. Mr. Rathi is a civil engineer who has worked in construction, and he wanted to help the camel breeders of Rajasthan & Gujarat have a better life. He also wanted to protect the camel population, which is decreasing quickly.

Mr. Kumar, our Co-Founder, joined the company 6 months later. He is a mechanical engineer and has an MBA. He shares the same goal of helping the camel herders and protecting the camel population. Their main purpose in launching Aadvik Foods is to provide sustainable livelihoods to the camel herders and to protect the camel population.

Aadvik Foods Business Statistics

Aadvik started with just one thing to sell, but now they have many products like milk powder, chocolate, ghee, and soaps. The founders said that in the last six years, they have sold over 800,000 liters of milk and processed 300,000 orders.

This has helped goat and camel owners make good money. The most popular product Aadvik sells is milk powder. Chocolate costs about 100 rupees, and camel milk is priced between 500 to 550 rupees per liter. A lot of their sales, over 75%, come directly from the company to the customers (D2C), while 25% are from business to customers (B2C).

Around 30% of their customers buy again from them. So, Aadvik started small but has grown big, selling various products and helping goat and camel owners with their business.

Aadvik Foods at Shark Tank India

A company called Aadvik made a business pitch to investors on a TV show. The founders wanted to sell 1.5% of their company for 60 lakhs rupees, at a total value of 40 crore rupees. One investor, Amit, offered 15 lakhs rupees and a loan of 45 lakhs rupees with 12% interest. The founders then suggested taking 30 lakhs rupees and a loan of 30 lakhs rupees with the same interest rate. In the end, Amit stuck to his first offer, and they made a deal. Aadvik has been successful even without much outside funding. The founders revealed that they make 50 lakhs rupees in sales each month. They serve healthy and unique food products, which are becoming more popular. During the pitch, the sharks had a drink made from camel and goat milk. The founders, Hitesh Rathi from Bikaner and Shrey Kumar from Delhi, have big plans to grow their brand globally. Their products are aimed at people looking for healthier food options.

In Shark Tank India, entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds present their startup ideas to a panel of renowned investors, with the goal of securing the investment and expertise required to grow their businesses.

Karan Balodi

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