Bengaluru AI Firm Raises $500K in Angel Investment Raises $500K in Angel Investment

Three points you will get to know in this article:

  • got $500,000 angel funding in 2023 from North America and India investors.
  • Funding for AI platform to transform enterprises with generative AI.
  • Ajay Agrawal and Huzefa Saifee use GenAI for business solutions.

Introduction of logo

Bengaluru-headquartered AI startup has secured $500,000 in an angel funding round led by a consortium of experienced executives and startup entrepreneurs from North America and India. Although the identities of the investors were not disclosed by the startup, the funds will be utilized to expedite product development and broaden its market presence.

Ajay Agrawal's Perspective on Funding

Ajay Agrawal, co-founder and CEO of, remarked, “The early backing from investors validates our fundamental strategy of harnessing GenAI to address transformative challenges… this funding will accelerate our product development and extend our market reach. Founded in 2023 by tech entrepreneurs Ajay Agrawal and Huzefa Saifee, specializes in developing an AI-driven platform that leverages advanced generative AI capabilities. Their focus is on enabling enterprises worldwide to achieve accelerated innovation, operational agility, and business expansion through personalized transformation journeys.

The flagship product, RADI Navigator Platform, empowers organizations with real-time, tailored insights to strategically navigate and implement transformation initiatives across various business domains and operational areas. This facilitates adaptive responses and scalable adjustments, yielding tangible results regardless of the specific challenges encountered by businesses.

Co-founders' Vision for GenAI

Ajay Agrawal and Huzefa Saifee boast a rich track record of employing technology to address intricate business challenges, marking as their fourth collaborative venture. Their objective is to harness GenAI in addressing the profound hurdles faced by enterprises today. Huzefa Saifee, co-founder and CTO of, emphasized, “AI is poised to impact every aspect of our personal and professional lives, and GenAI represents a crucial step towards General AI. Backed by our team’s exceptional technical expertise, we are actively progressing towards realizing our vision and making it a reality.”


In 2023, Bengaluru-based AI startup, founded by Ajay Agrawal and Huzefa Saifee, secured $500,000 in angel funding from investors across North America and India. This investment will fuel product development for their AI-driven platform, focusing on generative AI for global enterprise transformation. The flagship product, RADI Navigator Platform, provides tailored insights for navigating business challenges. With a vision to harness GenAI, the co-founders aim to address complex enterprise hurdles. The funding reflects confidence in’s strategy and accelerates their mission towards leveraging AI for impactful innovation.

Peenak Maheshwari

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