Bengaluru Cleantech Startup Neo San Secures $1.5M in Funding

Neo San Raises Funding

Three points you will get to know in this article:

  • Neo San raised $1.5 million (INR 12.5 Cr approximately) seed funding with investors
  • Funding to expand Neo San’s eco-tech nationwide, cutting emissions by 90%.
  • Neo San specializes in energy-efficient waste management with Neo-X waste incinerator.

Securing Seed Funding and Prominent Investors

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Neo San, a cleantech startup based in Bengaluru, has secured $1.5 million in seed funding, bringing its post-money valuation to $7.2 million. The funding round attracted prominent investors such as Ashish Kacholia, Apurva Damani, Mammen Kurien, Sandeep Telang, Vanshay Goenka, Siddhi M, pro-golfers Anirban Lahiri and S. Chikkarangappa, as well as Aaradhana Jhunjhunwala, Aman Poddar, and Adithya Mathews.

Neo San intends to utilize this investment to expand its technologies throughout India. “This funding will be instrumental in scaling our technologies nationwide and enhancing larger systems to address the country’s waste management needs,” stated Dhwaj Bagrecha, Co-Founder of Neo San. “Presently, we are developing decentralized networks of individuals and machines to empower our growing cities to manage waste locally and more efficiently, cutting emissions from this process by over 90% compared to the current methods,” added Bagrecha.

Revolutionizing Waste Management with Innovative Technologies

Founded in 2022 by Dhwaj Bagrecha, Alistair D’rozario, and Navrun Jacob, Neo San specializes in energy-efficient solutions and systems aimed at enhancing waste management practices. The company is renowned for its pioneering methods in handling hazardous waste and reducing carbon footprint.

Neo-X: A Breakthrough in Waste Incineration

Neo San has introduced Neo-X, its flagship product, a decentralized waste incinerator leveraging clean energy to treat waste directly at its origin, thereby drastically cutting emissions and optimizing waste management efficiency.

“Neo San boasts a distinguished clientele, featuring companies such as Airtel, Microsoft, Accenture, Royal Enfield, Strides, and Parag Foods. Additionally, the startup collaborates with organizations like Tata Steel, Bangalore International Airport, Rotary International, and various state governments to incorporate its solutions into their operations. Furthermore, Neo San reports having responsibly disposed of over 100 tons of sanitary waste, thereby preventing over 200 tons of harmful emissions.”

Innovative Modular Incinerator to Transform Waste Processing

Co-founder Alistair Sean D’Rozario announced that Neo San will launch a state-of-the-art modular incinerator early next quarter, with the capacity to process one ton of toxic waste daily. “This innovation will greatly improve the efficiency of waste handling and incineration for major bulk waste producers in the pharmaceutical, textile, chemical, and other manufacturing industries. By integrating this solution on-site, we offer a more efficient and environmentally friendly approach to waste management,” stated Alistair Sean D’Rozario.

Neo San, a Bengaluru-based cleantech startup, recently secured $1.5 million in seed funding, led by prominent investors like Ashish Kacholia. Co-founder Dhwaj Bagrecha emphasized the funding’s importance in expanding Neo San’s innovative waste management technologies nationwide. The startup’s flagship product, Neo-X, offers decentralized waste treatment solutions, reducing emissions by over 90%. With a notable clientele and upcoming modular incinerator launch, Neo San is set to revolutionize waste management by providing efficient, clean energy-driven solutions across industries and governmental organizations.

Karan Balodi

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