Sustainiam Wins Elevate 2023 Grant: 25 Lakhs in Cash, 75 Lakhs in Benefits for Climate-Tech Impact

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Three points you will get to know in this article:

  • Sustainiam wins Elevate 2023 grant, securing 25 lakhs cash, 75 lakhs benefits.
  • Focuses on renewable energy, carbon market solutions, and climate impact.
  • Founder Sapna Nijhawan drives global expansion with government support.

About Sustainiam

Sustainiam, founded in 2023, is a climate-tech startup focused on providing innovative solutions for renewable energy and alternative fuel generation projects. A leader in carbon management and sustainability solutions, Sustainiam offers advanced products like ECal, CiP, and EmX, and services such as Enterprise SaaS, Stakeholder Management, Off-take, and Assisted OTC. The company aims to simplify sustainability efforts for businesses globally.

Bangalore, India – June 24, 2024 – Sustainiam, a Bangalore-based climate-tech startup, has been honored as one of the top 15 winners and awarded a grant of 25 Lakhs in cash and 75 Lakhs worth of benefits in the esteemed Elevate 2023 Call 2 program by the Government of Karnataka. This recognition distinguishes Sustainiam as a leading innovator among thousands of startups across the state.

The Elevate program, an initiative by the Government of Karnataka, seeks to identify and support the most promising technology-driven startups. The selection process is conducted by a distinguished committee featuring representatives from prominent organizations, including NASSCOM and TiE Bangalore (The Indus Entrepreneurs).

Sustainiam is at the forefront of addressing the global climate crisis with advanced solutions that promote renewable energy and alternative fuel generation projects. These initiatives cater to a diverse range of clients, from large enterprises to MSMEs, including rural areas. Sustainiam’s technology facilitates the creation of tradeable certificates in carbon markets, offering clients an additional revenue stream.

“Sustainiam is committed to transforming the sustainability landscape,” said Sapna Nijhawan, Founder and CEO of Sustainiam, and one of the leading women in the climate-tech sector. She further adds “With our establishment in India and our expansion into global carbon markets, the support from the Government of Karnataka through the Elevate grant will enable us to scale our carbon solutions and extend our global reach. This remarkable achievement underscores our dedication to driving innovation and positive change in sustainability. We aim to accelerate the energy transition and revolutionize emission reporting and offsetting worldwide through our cutting-edge platform, which prioritizes liquidity, transparency, credibility, and traceability. With mentorship from NASSCOM and K-Tech, we are poised for significant growth and development, leveraging this opportunity to ensure our innovative solutions reach every corner of the globe.”

Sapna Nijhawan is a member of the UK Emission Trading Registry, IREC, Verra, Gold Standard, International Trade Council (Singapore), and Climate Action Network International. She has also worked as a Product Manager developing fintech products across the globe and has traded an impressive portfolio of over 300 million USD in the past.

As Sustainiam embarks on this new chapter, the team is more resolute than ever in leveraging this opportunity to scale their solutions and enhance their impact in combating climate change. Sustainiam extends its services across sectors including hotels, airlines, real estate, textile, defense, and more, with clientele such as ITC Hotels, Accenture, Lodha Group, Thales, Coca-Cola, and others. With Sustainiam, ITC Hotels became the first on Earth to earn the prestigious Sustainable and Green Platinum LEED certification by effectively offsetting their emissions.

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