Wahter Raises Rs 5 Crore for Advertising and Packaged Drinking Water in Pre-Seed Funding Round

Wahter startup secures Rs 5 crore in pre-seed funding

Three points you will get to know in this article:

  • Water company founded in Dec 2023 sells cheap bottled water with ads on labels for Rs 1 or Rs 2.
  • Startup led by Amitt and Kashiish Nenwani raised Rs 5 crore, boosting value to Rs 52 crore.
  • Wahter gained popularity by selling 200,000 bottles in Delhi NCR within a month.

Funding Round Success

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Wahter is a startup company from India that started in December 2023. It was founded by Amitt Nenwani and Kashiish A. Nenwani. The unique thing about Wahter is that they put advertisements on their water bottle labels. This helps them sell their bottled water at very cheap prices because the money from the ads helps cover the costs. The goal of Wahter is to make sure people can buy bottled water for only Rs 1 or Rs 2, which is very affordable. Recently, they raised Rs 5 crore in funding before they officially started, and this made the company worth Rs 52 crore.

Strategic Expansion Plans

Through this funding round, the startup seeks to broaden its distribution network, enhance production methods, and revamp its advertising-based revenue model. The company intends to boost the number of carts, strollers, and kiosks in high-traffic areas like metro stations, malls, and public spaces. This expansion will enable advertisers to reach a more diverse audience.

Investment in Technology and Operations

Furthermore, Wahter plans to invest in cutting-edge technology to optimize operations and logistics, ensuring the consistent quality of its bottled water. The startup also aims to expand its team to support these growth initiatives.

“Water has brought notable transformation to the advertising and bottled water industries. We are heartened by the favorable feedback received from both brands and consumers. The campaigns executed for our brands have delivered remarkably positive outcomes, underscoring the efficacy of our approach. The acquisition of this initial funding underscores our investors’ faith in our pioneering business model and vision,” stated Amitt Nenwani, Co-Founder of Water.

Positive Impact on Brand Partnerships

Since its inception, Wahter has placed more than 100 carts, strollers, and kiosks in busy locations. The company has formed partnerships with well-known brands such as boAt, Vijay Sales, and ACE Capitals to promote the availability of clean water and increase brand recognition. In just its initial month of operation, Wahter reports selling 200,000 drinking water bottles in the Delhi NCR region, indicating a significant demand for its cost-effective product.

With Rs 5 crore in funding, Wahter’s value soared to Rs 52 crore, enabling it to expand distribution, enhance production, and adopt advanced technology. Forming partnerships with brands like boAt and Vijay Sales, Wahter has quickly gained traction, selling 200,000 bottles within a month in Delhi NCR.

Karan Balodi

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