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Key Highlights

Uber is highly convenient and most importantly safe means of commuting

Uber has over 450,000 driver partners

The food delivery business in India has been growing at a rate of 200%

Uber is a taxi service that lets you easily hire a personal driver according to your demands. The driver picks you up from your location and drops you off at your destination. Just book a driver through the Uber app at any time of the day. Yes, it is that easy. Uber is highly convenient and most importantly safe means of commuting. All you need is a smartphone and a driver comes to pick you up in minutes. You can track your driver’s location as he comes to pick you up as well.

The best part of using Uber is that the customer gets the estimated fare beforehand which is highly convenient for as the customers cannot be overcharged for their rides. Thus, it is no surprise that Uber has become a highly popular means of travel with people today.

Uber was first launched in San Francisco, California in 2009. The company began its operations in India in 2013. As of 2019, they’re about 5 million users use Uber every day. According to Uber over 450,000 driver-partners or “micro-entrepreneurs” as they are termed by the company have their vehicles registered with Uber. These drivers are highly skilled and competent and over 80% of the rides taken have been rated 5 stars by the customers. There has been a 60% rise in the number of drivers joining Uber every year since 2016 according to the company statistics.

Uber in India has established itself as a market leader. Apart from the basic features offered, Uber also has taken extra security measures for the safety of its customers. These include a Panic button and a tracking feature. India is the first country Globally that Uber has introduced this feature in. also, Uber launched “Dial-a-Uber” for customers not using the app. It lets you register on the website and directly hail a cab. Apart from this, another unique feature of Uber India is the referral system called “Uberdost” where customers can refer drivers and earn money.

Apart from the taxi service, Uber also launched a food delivery service called Ubereats in India in 2017 and it has been growing incredibly. India is considered as the largest growing market for Ubereats with the business growing almost sevenfold in order volume in the past six months. Over 4500 delivery partners are being added every week. The food delivery business in India has been growing at a rate of 200% a year. Uber has been highly successful in tapping the Indian market and it continues to grow exponentially.

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