D2C Startups Propel National GDP with Billions and 20,000 Jobs in 2022


Three points you will get to know in this article:

  • India’s D2C market is poised to achieve a $100 billion valuation by 2025, experiencing remarkable growth in recent years.
  • D2C brands target India’s innovation-hungry consumers, while traditional players face declining loyalty
  • Fashion startups dominate the D2C sector, driven by the country’s thriving fashion industry poised to reach $43.2 billion by 2025

D2C Insider wrapped up its highly-anticipated Omni Channel Summit 2023 on September 9th, 2023, at the prestigious venue of The Leela in the vibrant city of Mumbai.

As per the official statement, the gathering saw the presence of more than 250 trailblazing D2C business founders, including notable figures such as Anupam Mittal from Shaadi.com, Manish Taneja representing Purplle.com, Aarti Gill from Oziva, and Aditya Sharma of The Souled Store.

What made this event truly exceptional was its inclusion of seven workshops meticulously designed to share valuable operational insights and hands-on experiences regarding the expansion and sustainability of businesses within the fiercely competitive D2C landscape in India.

India’s D2C market, boasting a staggering base of 190 million existing online shoppers, with millions more joining each year, presents an unparalleled opportunity. Notably, D2C brands have exhibited a remarkable year-on-year growth of 91% from FY 21 to FY 22, with these enterprises securing over $1.5 billion in funding during the previous year alone. In light of these statistics, it’s evident that companies embracing an omni-channel D2C approach are poised to tap into limitless potential, as affirmed in the statement.

Founders must exhibit amazing resiliency, in-depth industry knowledge, and excellent commercial acumen in the face of severe competition involving more than 1,000 enterprises. The D2C Insider Omni Channel Summit 2023 was created to bring together industry leaders and up-and-comers in a massive gathering that would stimulate information sharing, deep engagement, and priceless learning experiences for everyone who attended.

D2C startups contributing billions of dollars to the national GDP

Abhishek Shah, a member of the founding team at D2C Insider, enthusiastically expressed, “D2C Insider has experienced remarkable growth, evolving into the industry’s trusted voice. Our mission is to propel the sector’s overarching development. D2C enterprises have made substantial contributions, injecting billions of dollars into the national GDP while creating over 20,000 jobs in the past year alone. We firmly believe that what we’ve witnessed so far is just the beginning—a mere glimpse of the vast potential waiting to be unlocked through Insider’s insights and collaborative efforts.”

Anupam Mittal, the visionary behind Shaadi.com, enthusiastically shared his thoughts on D2C Insider, stating, “The influence of D2C Insider is truly transformative. This thriving community significantly streamlines the entrepreneurial journey, granting access to invaluable knowledge and expansive networks of fellow visionaries. The omnichannel event, tailored for entrepreneurs navigating the 0-1 phase, is a brilliant resource for those eager to expand their understanding of key areas such as marketing, logistics, and more, all thoughtfully presented through engaging workshops and insightful panel discussions.”

Pitchathon was another component of the summit

The 2023 Summit was an exciting event that featured a dynamic 3-hour Pitchathon. During this session, more than 20 savvy D2C investors carefully evaluated pitches from innovative startups. The winners were rewarded with valuable growth packages to help them expand their businesses. All in all, the event was a resounding success and stands as the largest D2C gathering of its kind in India to date.

Shruti, a vital part of the D2C Insider’s founding team, shared her thoughts, saying, “The Indian D2C ecosystem is flourishing at an astonishing rate. What we truly need now is to encourage collaboration, share knowledge, provide financial support, and build a closely-knit D2C community. This is precisely what our Summit aimed to achieve. We hosted highly impactful workshops covering a range of topics, including strategies for better outcomes through content marketing, enhancing conversion rates, and ensuring customer satisfaction. Based on the feedback from our participants, it’s clear that the event was an incredible experience for all involved stakeholders.”

What is D2C Insider?

D2C Insider is a unique association of hand-selected business leaders and executives from the thriving Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) industry. We started our adventure in 2019 by starting a little WhatsApp group with the intention of encouraging idea sharing and personal development. This modest endeavor has grown over time into a thriving community with over 3,000 brand founders, 500+ facilitators, and 500+ investors as proud members.

the D2C Insider Omni Channel Summit 2023 marked a pivotal moment in India’s D2C landscape, bringing together industry pioneers, fostering collaboration, and offering invaluable insights. With remarkable growth in the D2C market, this event illuminated the vast potential awaiting those who embrace the omni-channel approach, shaping a brighter future for the industry.

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