Sovereign Wealth Fund Institute Paves the Way for Startup Funding Opportunities

At FORT North America 2023, we’re excited to introduce you to six dynamic startups from around the globe. Among them, two hail from India, shining a spotlight on the country’s thriving startup landscape. These innovative entrepreneurs will captivate you with their engaging five-minute elevator pitches.

The Sovereign Wealth Fund Institute (SWFI) announced on Wednesday that its Family Office Round Table (FORT) North America 2023 will be held on October 10, 2023, in Dallas, Texas. SWFI will provide a platform for Indian companies seeking strategic alliances and Series-B institutional financing to pitch their entrepreneurial ideas to globally renowned sovereign wealth funds (SWFs), family offices, private equity (PE), and venture capitalist (VC) investors as part of the event.

In 2023, FORT North America is gearing up to host its grandest family offices conference in the vibrant city of Dallas. This exceptional event promises to be an epicenter of innovation and a dynamic hub where both public and private wealth transcend geographical boundaries.

Set against the iconic backdrop of The Star, the global headquarters of the Dallas Cowboys – the world’s most valuable sports team – this gathering will draw in a diverse crowd of investors and entrepreneurs to the financial capital of Texas.

What makes this conference even more exciting is its location in Texas, a state known for hosting one of the largest Indian-American communities in the United States. This local synergy offers a profound understanding of the dynamic world of Indian startups, adding a unique and enriching dimension to the event.

According to SWFI projections, global SWFs increased their direct investments in India to US$6.7 billion in 2022, up from US$3.7 billion in 2021, suggesting confidence in the country’s prospects. According to a Morgan Stanley analysis released late last year, India is anticipated to become the world’s the third- biggest economy by 2030. According to the analysis, the country has the conditions in place for an economic boom fueled by offshore, manufacturing investment, energy change, and modern digital infrastructure. Sovereign wealth funds are intended to promote this expansion through investments and know-how in Indian companies.

At FORT North America 2023, we’re thrilled to introduce six promising global startups, with two hailing from India, shining a spotlight on the country’s booming startup landscape. These startups have not only surpassed the impressive milestone of a $100 million valuation post-Series-A but have also demonstrated rock-solid business strategies that set them apart. What’s more exciting is that they’ll have the chance to deliver their compelling pitches to an influential audience of global investors.

But FORT North America is not just about securing capital. It’s about opening doors to a world of opportunities for these successful startups. Beyond funding, they’ll gain invaluable support, including access to international markets and strategic expertise. It’s not just an event; it’s a launchpad for their global journey.

Since its establishment, SWFI has hosted outstanding global forums that have brought together the world’s top investors, SWFs, pensions, foundations for huge family offices, and industry leaders to encourage information sharing and significant deal-making. SWFI held its Global Wealth Conference in London earlier in May 2023, at the historic Guildhall and the House of Commons. In keeping with this tradition, the meeting in Texas will include opening addresses and discussion groups on topics such as ‘Private Equity Trends and Opportunities for 2023 and Beyond,’ ‘Capital Convergence: Family Office Deal Flow and Institutional Co-investment Landscape,’ and ‘The Nexus of Private Capital and Sovereign Wealth Funds and Public Funds,’ among others.

Introducing FORT North America 2023, Lakshmi Narayanan, the Chairman of SWFI, enthusiastically declared, “As a pivotal link within the industry, SWFI eagerly anticipates its role in fostering cross-border collaborations across the ecosystem through the remarkable event that is FORT North America 2023. Set against the breathtaking backdrop of the sprawling 91-acre headquarters of the Dallas Cowboys, this event stands as a catalyst for meaningful growth and partnerships within the ecosystem. It’s an exceptional opportunity for Indian startups to showcase their potential to a distinguished audience comprising leading investors, family offices, endowment funds, and policymakers.

FORT North America 2023 marks a critical moment for Indian businesses and global investors. It not only showcases India’s booming startup ecosystem, but it also reflects growing optimism about the country’s economic prospects. Aside from money, this event provides businesses with critical worldwide visibility and strategic help, serving as a springboard for global success. The event’s unique venue inside the headquarters of the Dallas Cowboys adds an absorbing layer to this chance for real growth and collaborations within the startup ecosystem.

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