Ixigo Announces New Subsidiary Venture ‘Travenues’ To Bring New Tech for the Airline Industry

Key Highlights

Ixigo is venturing into supply-side technology portals for airlines

Travenues will be led by Chandramouli Gopalkrishnan 

Travenues can be used by the airline firms to manage their booking funnels

Ixigo is one of the country’s popular mobile travel application for travel services and planning guide. Ixigo was launched in June 2006 by IIT Kanpur batch mates Aloke Bajpai and Rajnish Kumar. Born in Allahabad, Bajpai graduated from IIT Kanpur in Electrical Engineering. Soon, he moved to France to work for a travel technology company called “Amadeus”. 

The company aggregates and compares instant travel information, prices and availability of flights, trains, buses, cabs, hotels, packages, and destinations. After Amadeus, he started pursuing his business studies at INSEAD’s Asia campus Singapore. After coming back to India, Bajpai met his then classmate Kumar (Co-founder) and they both decided to start Ixigo, a travel search engine website.

The Gurugram-based online travel firm is venturing into supply-side technology portals for airlines through the introduction of its subsidiary Travenues. With the new enterprise, Ixigo is considering to bring in deep tech into the airline industry. Headquartered in Bangalore, Travenues will be led by Chandramouli Gopalkrishnan is a seasoned engineering and product management leader. Gopalkrishnan has formally headed companies such as Shotang, Stayzilla, and Goibibo. 

Travenues is a technology business for the airline industry and a subsidiary of online travel firm, Ixigo. Travenues was launched under a team with a combined experience of more than 20 years in the global travel industry across GDS (Global Distribution Systems), OTA (Online Travel Agency), and meta-search. The top investors of the company are Fosun RZ Capital, MakeMyTrip, SAIF Partners, and Micromax. 

Chandramouli Gopalkrishnan, Travenues head said, “Consumer-facing technology and product innovation is difficult for airlines to handle since their core business target is on operating planes coherently. In a rapidly growing mobile preferred world, passengers expect airlines to acquire new advanced technology and consumer experiences covering pre and post-booking and to develop more nimbleness in advancing their capability to trade, sell and personalize their catalogue and catalogue from their auxiliary partners.”

Ixigo will configure this platform which can be used by the airline firms to manage their booking funnels. Once a customer into an airline portal for booking the tickets, it will be controlled the platform being developed by Travenues. 

Aloke Bajpai said, “With over 20 years of experience in setting up India’s biggest mobile travel marketplace, we will be bringing our learning on mobile preferred user experiences, increased marketing, personalization, AI and voice assistants to airline around the world. Travenues will operate as an independently run business under Chandramouli’s leadership with the mission of generating consumer-facing deep tech innovations to airlines.”

Recently, Ixigo released a virtual travel currency and e-wallet for its users ‘Ixigo Money’. First users have to sign up to Ixigo.com and create an account. Ixigo money helps you to earn points over every deal you make, and it gets credited to your account directly.

Vishal Mishra

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