EazyDiner’s PR Mandate Will be Handled by ‘80-dB Mavericks’


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‘80-dB Mavericks’ will handle the PR mandate for the EazyDiner

It is targeting to set up an eating-out reality to cater to India’s changing model.

The Mavericks will aim towards Bangalore, Mumbai and other metros cities. 

EazyDiner is India’s hugest restaurant booking and concierge assistance brand, the application enables you to explore and book for restaurant tables and dining services. EazyDiner was begun in 2015 by Vir Sanghvi, an Indian print and TV journalist, writer, and talk show host and once Oberoi Group President Kapil Chopra. The headquarter of EazyDiner is located in Gurgaon, Haryana. 

EazyDiner is India’s first online restaurant reservation platform controlled under Sanghavi and others with experience in the hospitality business. Formally launched as an assistance service, customers can now make orders directly through their mobile application as well. It gives a short and succinct details and reviews, locating restaurants and bars, and makes online reservations. 

Reputation Advisory ‘80-dB Mavericks’ will handle the PR mandate for the EazyDiner. The Gurgaon-based firm is targeting to set up an eating-out reality to cater to India’s changing model.

Kapil Chopra said, “Having worked with them prior, there was undoubtedly in our heads to award the communication mandate for our brand EazyDiner. We acknowledge their ambition, creativity, guidance and a shared desire for our journey to assist and make a new experience in the eating-out segment. 80 dB-Mavericks with its new plans and past experiences of managing PR campaigns for big brands, assures to deliver results that fit our business requirements.”

Chetan Mahajan, Co-founder & CEO of 80 dB-Mavericks says, “EazyDiner is a developing brand in having changed the mannerism for Indians. We are delighted and privileged to have a chance to work with an industry leader and an inspiring person like Kapil Chopra. This alliance is a testimony to the force of our various offerings and modern communications approach that sets motive at the focus of the brand story. We would be hiring a multi-channel yet extensive approach to drive platform-agnostic stories to raise an advantageous reputation for EazyDiner.”

WHAT IS ‘80-dB Mavericks’?

Launched in April 2015, 80 dB is founded and led by Kiran Ray Chaudhury and Abhilasha Padhy, with a handsome list of clients in various fields such as technology, fintech, lifestyle & e-commerce. The two firms will provide their complementary support in research, strategy, content and campaign implementation to companies with pan-India mandates. The amalgamated office of 80 dB and The Mavericks in NCR will be called as ’80-dB Mavericks’. 

80 dB – Mavericks will drive the amalgamated plan, expansion, service delivery and talent procurement for the North market, while The Mavericks will aim towards Bangalore, Mumbai, and other metros cities. 

“At such a preliminary phase, The Mavericks have established in 80 dB a partner who shares a common aim. This partnership allows us to provide our clients with experienced and specialized skill to expand their campaigns in the NCR. We are dedicated to offering the top senior counsel, inventiveness and implementation of excellence to our clients and providing a work culture that empowers our crews to challenge the status quo and generate fair value for our clients,” Mahajan added.

Currently, EazyDiner is accessible in more than 93 Indian places such as Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata, Pune, Goa, Ahmadabad, Hyderabad, Chandigarh, Lucknow, and also in Dubai. The mobile app consists of 6000+ restaurants reports and table bookings within 18 seconds.

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