Online Beauty Retailer Nykaa Records 10 Lakh Subscribers

Key Highlights

Nykaa has reached more than 10 lakh subscribers

Around 90 per cent of online buyers depend on online reviews to make a purchase

Inducements like interactive contests, prizes, surprise giveaways

Fashion and beauty e-platform, Nykaa has announced that its online interactive beauty platform, Nykaa Network, now has more than 10 lakh subscribers. Thanks to its persisting user-generated content that Is one of the prime drivers of success for the company’s content marketing strategy.

The Mumbai based company started with stated with less than 10,000 subscribers hardly a year ago, the portal has grown Organically, backed completely by User-Generated content, while on the other hand enabling exclusive interactions with famous beauty companies, field experts and enthusiasts.

On the Nykaa Network, 40,000 active users are engaged on an average without any marketing pressure, and Expert Lives on the platform see generating traffic of 20,000 users in a duration of just two hours.

Currently, Nykaa has more than 1 lakh answers to 50,000 questions and queries. Inducements like interactive contests, prizes, surprise giveaways and pinning popular customer posts on the feed are few of the engagement schemes to strengthen stickiness for this skyrocketing community.

Madhavi Irani, Chief Officer of Content, Nykaa said, “An ordinary misconception among many brands is that they assume and not ask what the audience desire to consume and engage with. To this end, we try to provide our consumers hyper-personalised content by interacting with them regularly through contact point at every of the consumption funnel from awareness to obtain.”

“While communicating to your audience is essential, making a space for them for interaction such as asking queries, concerns and opinions. This is all which sets your brand apart and eventually build brand loyalty,” Irani added.

These days, Consumers spend up to five hours daily on UGC and around 90 per cent of online buyers depend on online reviews to make a purchase. Content head added, “Currently, The Nykaa Network there are more than 5,000 monthly organic companies mentioned by beauty enthusiasts by way of product recommendations to beauty queries of fellow customers, and this is a classic example of brand loyalists turning into brand advocates.”

“By piggybacking on the User-generated trend that is not just a marketing fancy word any more, we keep our customers at the forefront, catering to their desires and being authentic by using their voice to do our marketing. By that creating a community of loyal customers that have helped make our content marketing strategy a complete triumph,” Irani added.

User-Generated Content has long been secured as the next big deal in online marketing. Citizen journalism that entirely disrupts the news journalism model found out on social networking platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. Now, Companies are going down the similar path using UGC as a mode to interact and connect with their customers using the user’s voice and their word-of-mouth referrals to come across as pleasant, more relevant and more honest.

What is Nykaa?

Nykaa is a Mumbai based Fashion and E-beauty retailer selling cosmetic and skincare products. Founded in April 2012 by a former Kotak Investment Banking employee, Falguni Nayar is running India’s leading beauty retailer. In addition to that, 850+ brands along with effective content through videos, blog and vigorous social media engagement. The online beauty retailer is robust digital marketing, technology and an omnichannel with the introduction of 17 stores PAN India in two different formats.

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