Fashion Design and Sewing Institute Raja Rani Coaching Making Waves on Shark Tank India

Raja Rani Coaching on Shark Tank India

Three points you will get to know in this article:

  • Raja Rani Coaching, an institute in India offering diverse courses in sewing, fashion design.
  • Raja-Rani Coaching impressed Shark Tank India judges with their business.
  • Planing Rs. 6 crore sales, 70,000+ students, 44% profit margin, and free coaching for less fortunate.

Shark Tank India Featured Raja Rani Coaching

Raja Rani Coaching logo

Raja Rani Coaching, an institute that offers coaching in sewing, embroidery, fashion design, and fashion. They provide online courses and operate as an Online Stitching Institute with a diverse curriculum. Their emphasis is on mastering the basics to build a strong foundation, and their courses cover essential sewing techniques from simple tasks like threading needles to basic stitches, helping students to progress with confidence.

Founder of Raja-Rani Coaching : Mohit and Priya Gadhiya

In 2014, Mohit got an offer from his sister-in-law to help her with a rental clothing business. At the time, he didn’t know much about clothes. To learn about clothing, he joined a tailoring school, where he met Priya. They both shared a love for design and clothes and later got married. They faced challenges while studying fashion design, so the idea of creating an institute that combined top-notch teaching methods with design lessons was born. Together, they worked through obstacles and opened “Raja Rani Couture and Coaching Centre” in 2021. Their goal was not just to teach sewing but also to nurture creativity and innovation in those passionate about fashion. They faced many difficulties, but they remained focused and eventually made their vision a reality. Now, Raja Rani is a place of hope for aspiring designers and tailors in India.

Their institute offers a variety of courses and new ways of teaching, which attract different people like boutique owners, tailors, high school graduates, and fashion enthusiasts. They are known for their hybrid approach, using both traditional teaching centers and online training, and for their classes on Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook. Recently, they also started renting clothes to meet the changing needs of their customers.

Raja-Rani Coaching in Shark Tank India

In a recent episode of Shark Tank India season 3, a couple presented their business, Raja-Rani Coaching, which is a popular tailoring academy in India. The judges on the show were very impressed by the couple’s business model, the services they offered, and the profits they made. The judges were amazed and congratulated the couple for their successful business. Even though the judges were blown away by the business, most of them decided not to invest in Raja-Rani Coaching. They advised the couple not to seek investors at all. Towards the end, when an investment deal was proposed by two of the sharks, Anupam Mittal and Amit Jain, the founders of Raja-Rani Coaching declined the offer.

Future Plans of Raja-Rani Coaching

Mohit and Priya have big future plans. They want to start new courses like Boutique Management, Fashion Photography, and Illusions. They talked about these ideas in a recent show called Shark India. Apart from their work success, Mohit and Priya’s story shows how passion and hard work can change lives. They recently had a baby boy. Mohit and Priya understand that money can stop some students from following their dreams. So, they started a coaching program without fees for less fortunate people. This program has helped many students from poor backgrounds. It has given them skills to find better jobs. Thanks to this program, many talented people now have the chance to begin their careers.

Financials and Economics of Raja-Rani Coaching

In the fiscal year 2022-2023, the company generated revenue of Rs. 78 lakhs, which increased significantly in the subsequent fiscal year (2023-2024) to Rs. 2 crores. They are now projecting sales of Rs. 6 crores for an upcoming project with over 70,000 students, with a projected profit margin of 44%.

Raja-Rani Coaching’s Dealings with Sharks

Founders of Raja Rani asked for INR 1.3 Crores in return for 5% of their company, valuing it at INR 26 crores. Sharks liked their business model and revenue. Amit suggested providing 1.3 crores as a loan with a 10% share of profits until 2.6 crores are recovered. Anupam offered 50 lakhs for 10% of the company and an additional 80 lakhs loan at 15% interest. The founders then proposed giving 6% of their company in exchange for 50 lakhs and repaying 80 lakhs at 15% interest, but this offer was not accepted by the investors.

Shark Tank India is a reality show where innovators pitch their groundbreaking ideas to a group of prominent investors, seeking the capital and mentorship needed to bring their visions to life.

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