Clothing Brand Heart Up My Sleeves Secures Shark Tank India Investment, Sees Soaring Sales

Heart Up My Sleeves in Shark Tank India

Three points you will get to know in this article:

  • Heart Up My Sleeves offers removable sleeves for women’s clothing.
  • Received ₹25,000 investment for 30% equity, resulting in ₹6-7 lakh monthly sales.
  • Retail B2C brand raised $32,700 in 1 round, ranking 2nd among 11 rivals.

Shark Tank India Featured Heart Up My Sleeves

Heart Up My Sleeves logo

Heart Up My Sleeves is an innovative online brand that offers removable sleeves for women’s clothing, allowing them to easily transform the look of their existing wardrobe. The brand’s product catalog includes sleeves in a variety of colors that can be attached and detached from dresses, tops, and other garments, providing versatility and the ability to mix-and-match. In addition to the sleeves, Heart Up My Sleeves also sells decorative brooches that can be used to accessorize the sleeves or clothing. This unique concept makes it one of the first companies to provide this type of customizable clothing solution, enabling women to update their style without having to purchase new clothes.

Chandni Khattar and Riya Khattar : Founders of Heart Up My Sleeves

Heart Up My Sleeves is led by two co-founders, Chandni Khattar and Riya Khattar, who both serve as directors of the organization. Chandni and Riya are the key individuals responsible for the overall management and direction of Heart Up My Sleeves, as they hold multiple roles within the company, including co-founder and director positions.

Investment and Sales: Heart Up My Sleeves

Riya’s brand, Heart Up My Sleeves, impressed two sharks as TV show at shark tank india – Vineeta Singh and Anupam Mittal. They invested INR 25,000 (around $300) in exchange for a 30% equity stake in the company. After this investment, the brand started recording monthly sales of INR 6-7 lakhs (around 7,500−8,750).

Sectors and Market Segments : Heart Up My Sleeves

Heart Up My Sleeves operates in the Business-to-Consumer (B2C) space, selling its products or services directly to individual consumers within the Retail market segment. This suggests the company is focused on providing consumer-facing products or services to the general public, rather than selling to other businesses.

Funding Heart Up My Sleeves Raised Till Date

  • Heart Up My Sleeves has raised a total funding of 32,700 over 1 funding round.
  • The latest funding round for Heart Up My Sleeves was an Angel round, which means it was an early-stage investment by angel investors.
  • This latest funding round of $32,700 happened on May 03, 2022.
  • The latest funding round had 2 investors participate, and it was led by Vineeta Singh and Anupam Mittal.

Investors in Heart Up My Sleeves

Vineeta Singh and one other angel investor have provided funding to the company. Angel investors are typically wealthy individuals who invest their own money in early-stage startups or companies in exchange for equity, and also offer business expertise and connections to help the ventures grow.

Competitors of Heart Up My Sleeves

  • Heart Up My Sleeves has a total of 11 competitors in the market. Out of these 11 competitors, Heart Up My Sleeves ranks 2nd in the competition. One of Heart Up My Sleeves’ competitors is a funded company, meaning it has received investment money. In total, Heart Up My Sleeves and its 11 competitors have raised over $32,700 in funding across 1 funding round, which involved 2 investors. Importantly, there are no private “Unicorn” companies (start-ups valued at over $1 billion) in the entire set of competitors. Below is the list of top competitors:
    • Pashtush: An internet-first brand of ethnic products for men and women, founded in 2017, located in Amritsar, India.
    • Phamb: An internet-first brand offering handcrafted winter wear for men, women, and kids, founded in 2016, located in Srinagar, India.
    • The Yarn Story: An internet-first brand for fashion products, founded in 2016, located in Mumbai, India.

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Neha Kamath

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