Shark Tank India Featured StyloBug : A Comfortable and Stylish Kids Fashion Brand

StyloBug in Shark Tank India

Three points you will get to know in this article:

  • StyloBug: Kids’ brand for comfy, stylish, affordable clothing.
  • Kamal Tripathi and Nidhi Gautam Tripathi co-founded it, with Kamal still involved.
  • StyloBug is a B2C retail company with 143 competitors, still unfunded.

Shark Tank India Featured StyloBug

StyloBug logo

StyloBug is a fashion brand that caters to “the adorable kids and parents who turn the house upside down, trying to find the most comfortable yet stylish clothes for every occasion.” The brand believes that when kids feel good in their clothing, it brings a magical smile to their face. StyloBug aims to capture this magic in all their clothing. StyloBug’s product categories include children’s outfits, ranging from ethnic wear to casual and party wear, as well as accessories. The brand emphasizes using the best fabrics, designs, and fit, while keeping the designs elegant and affordable. StyloBug believes that their offerings are more comfortable than even a mother’s touch, highlighting the quality and care they put into their products.

Kamal Tripathi : Founders of StyloBug

StyloBug is a company that has two founders. The two founders are Kamal Tripathi, who is currently the Co-Founder of StyloBug, and Nidhi Gautam Tripathi, who used to be the Co-Founder of StyloBug.  This means that Kamal Tripathi is still involved with the company as a co-founder, while Nidhi Gautam Tripathi was previously a co-founder but is no longer in that role.

Sectors and Market Segments: StyloBug

YesMadam is a successful startup company that had a great pitch on the TV show Shark Tank.  They were able to get 4 of the Shark investors to agree to invest in their business.  YesMadam provides high-quality salon services to their customers. They focus on being a customer-centric brand, which means they put the needs and preferences of their customers first.

Sectors and Market Segments YesMadam Operate in

StyloBug serves the Business-to-Consumer (B2C) space, which means it provides products or services directly to individual consumers, rather than to other businesses. The specific market segments that StyloBug operates in are Retail and Consumer Goods.

Funding StyloBug Raised Till Date

StyloBug has not raised any funding rounds yet.

Investors in StyloBug

StyloBug does not have any institutional or angel investors.

Competitors of StyloBug

StyloBug is an internet-first brand that offers casual wear for kids. It has a total of 143 competitors and is ranked 35th among them. Out of StyloBug’s competitors, 8 are funded companies and 3 have exited the market. Overall, StyloBug and its competitors have raised over $32.1 million in funding across 36 funding rounds, involving 160 investors. There are also 3 acquired companies in the entire competition set.

Top 3 Competitors: StyloBug

  • Kidbea : It is a seed-funded company and has raised $1.24 million across 3 funding rounds, with 18 investors involved. It is ranked 1st among StyloBug’s competitors.
  • Cub McPaws : It is also a seed-funded company and has raised $5.28 million across 9 funding rounds, with 74 investors involved. It is ranked 2nd among StyloBug’s competitors.
  • NautiNati : It is an acquired company and has raised $5.33 million across 6 funding rounds, with 11 investors involved. It is ranked 3rd among StyloBug’s competitors.

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Karan Balodi

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