SaaS Startup Plotline Secures $2.6M Funding from Elevation Capital

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Three points you will get to know in this article:

  • Plotline secures $2.6M (approximately 21.7 Crore INR) to expand globally and boost R&D, marketing, and sales.
  • Plotline seeks to innovate user engagement with personalized app experiences
  • Plotline empowers businesses and customers in the digital realm with a large following.

Introduction to Plotline

Plotline is a platform designed to enhance user engagement within mobile apps. It offers a variety of tools and features aimed at personalizing user journeys, such as stories, videos, spotlights, tooltips, animations, and floaters. These tools can be used to improve activation, feature adoption, retention, and conversions within mobile applications. The platform allows for the customization of in-app experiences through real-time segmentation targeting and A/B testing, enabling app developers and marketers to create and deploy engaging in-app experiences efficiently. Plotline is designed to address various use cases across the user lifecycle stages, including onboarding new users, adoption growth, and improving conversions and monetization.

Plotline Secures $2.6 Million Investment from Elevation Capital

Plotline, a simple plug-and-play tool that helps B2C product marketers tailor app experiences to suit user actions, has secured a $2.6 million investment from Elevation Capital.

According to the company’s announcement, the startup intends to utilize this funding to enhance crucial areas like research and development, marketing, and sales. Additionally, they plan to extend their reach to the US, Middle East, Africa, and Asia-Pacific regions.

Shubham Jindal and Adarsh Tadimari, former leaders at HyperVerge, launched Plotline in 2022 with a mission to assist product teams in receiving instantaneous app feedback. They swiftly recognized a widespread issue: many apps remained underutilized because users weren’t fully aware of all the features at their disposal.

Jindal underscored the significance of vibrant app experiences, remarking, “Today, mobile apps are integrating far more functionality than they were just five years ago. This presents a distinct challenge in how users explore and uncover these features. Based on our interactions with clients over the past year, we’ve observed that imbuing apps with dynamism can profoundly benefit both the company and the end user.”

Plotline's Innovative Approach to Enhancing Consumer App Experiences

Plotline’s platform assists consumer brands in enhancing their apps by examining vast amounts of data to craft tailored experiences. This user-friendly tool requires no coding skills and enables in-app testing using interactive widgets. It enhances user activation, encourages feature usage, and boosts customer retention through gentle prompts. Additionally, it enriches engagement through gamified elements.

Unlike conventional customer engagement tools, Plotline stands out by seamlessly integrating advanced language models for content generation and ongoing experimentation. This ensures brands can effectively stand out amidst the noise of the digital landscape.

Notable Clientele and Impressive Impact

Plotline, which debuted a year back, boasts a substantial following among 50 consumer app teams, counting renowned industry giants such as Dream11, Khatabook, BharatPe, CoinDCX, Niyo, Step, and Kredivo. According to their assertions, they’ve catered to over 150 million end users and facilitated clients in enhancing implementation and experimentation speeds by up to 10 times. Poorvi Vijay, Vice President at Elevation Capital, emphasized the platform’s promise, stating, “As vertical super apps gain traction, Plotline empowers consumer apps to stand out and provide top-notch in-app experiences effortlessly, thanks to their user-friendly platform. This enables growth marketers to design and launch customized UX campaigns with ease. We’re excited to stand by Shubham Jindal and Adarsh Tadimari as they reshape user engagement dynamics and foster unprecedented growth in this field.” Plotline intends to utilize the $2.6 million seed round strategically to broaden its global presence.

Empowering Businesses and Customers

Jindal highlighted the vital importance of app adoption platforms, explaining, “It’s not just about the numbers anymore. As apps evolve into multi-functional tools, there’s a vast terrain to explore, making app adoption platforms increasingly indispensable. We’re empowering both businesses and their customers to navigate through the ever-changing digital realm, and the adventure is only beginning.”

Plotline, a plug-and-play tool for B2C product marketers, has secured a $2.6 million investment from Elevation Capital to fuel its expansion into key global regions. Founded by Shubham Jindal and Adarsh Tadimari, Plotline aims to revolutionize user engagement dynamics by helping users discover and utilize app features through personalized experiences and interactive testing. With a clientele including industry giants, Plotline has positively impacted over 150 million end users. It seeks to empower businesses and customers to navigate the evolving digital realm, suggesting a promising future for app adoption platforms and the enhancement of consumer app experiences.

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