Growth Marketing Startup Pravis Secures Ownership In the Adtech Gaming Platform Streamo


Three points you will get to know in this article:

  • Pravis invests in StreamO for gaming industry brand and gamer connections.
  • StreamO, led by Tushaar Garg, attracts Gen-Z and partners with key brands.
  • Pravis collaborates to boost brand connections and growth in the gaming community.

Pravis Invests in StreamO

Pravis, established by former Momspresso executives Vishal Gupta and Prashant Sinha, has invested in StreamO, an adtech gaming platform.

Together, they’re diving into the exciting opportunities within the expanding gaming industry, especially targeting the Gen-Z audience, aiming to connect with them in a meaningful way.

StreamO's Impact: Connecting Brands with the Gen-Z Gaming Community

StreamO, established by Tushaar Garg in 2021, aims to bridge the gap between brands and gamers, as well as their dedicated audiences. Boasting a network of over 20,000 gamers and a subscriber base predominantly comprising Gen-Z, which surpasses 300 million, the platform stands as a testament to its impact.

Vishal Gupta, co-founder of StreamO, enthusiastically underscores the unparalleled potential within the gaming sphere, stating, “Gaming offers an unprecedented avenue to connect with the elusive Gen-Z demographic, a group that traditional media struggles to engage. Through StreamO, we’re uniquely positioned to capitalize on the explosive growth of live gaming platforms and the fervent Gen-Z communities they foster. Tushaar is a trailblazer in the Indian gaming landscape, and we’re thrilled to collaborate with him on this exciting journey.”

StreamO has joined forces with leading names like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Intel, Sony PlayStation, OnePlus, Hero, Crocs, Taco Bell, and Spotify, sparking over 100 noteworthy brand connections. Now, teaming up with Pravis, StreamO aims to solidify its position as a top player in linking brands with the enthusiastic Gen-Z gaming community.

Honing Insights for Enriched Brand Connections

Vishal Gupta and Prashant Sinha, co-founders of Pravis, tapped into their rich experience gained at Momspresso, which they successfully transitioned to Honasa (Mamaearth). Their venture, Pravis, is dedicated to turbocharging growth marketing strategies and nurturing organic brand expansion.

Meanwhile, Prashant Sinha, also known for co-founding StreamO, highlighted their profound comprehension of brand interactions. He expressed, “Having honed our insights from Momspresso’s MyMoney platform, we possess a deep understanding of the delicate dance between micro-influencers and brands. With StreamO, our aim is to harness these insights to elevate and enrich our brand connections by a whopping 10 times within the upcoming 12 months.”

Visionary Leadership: Elevating StreamO’s Success in the Gaming Landscape

Tushaar Garg, the visionary behind StreamO and its esteemed CEO, expressed, “StreamO has truly made its mark within the gaming community, cultivating genuine relationships between brands and gamers. Now, with Vishal and Prashant joining our team, we’re thrilled to take this achievement even further. Their profound understanding of influencer marketing and strategic brand collaborations will play a pivotal role in driving our expansion and success.”

The collaboration between Pravis and StreamO marks a pivotal moment in the gaming and marketing landscape. By bridging the gap between brands and gamers, StreamO has positioned itself as a key player in connecting with the vibrant Gen-Z gaming community, securing significant brand connections with industry leaders. Leveraging their expertise, Pravis aims to turbocharge growth marketing strategies, reflecting a deep understanding of influencer marketing and brand interactions. This partnership is set to propel StreamO’s impact even further, unlocking the unprecedented potential within the gaming sphere while reshaping brand connections within an enthusiastic Gen-Z demographic.

Karan Balodi

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