Affiliate Marketing Startup Flickstree Seeks Series B Funding for Overseas Growth

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Three points you will get to know in this article:

  • AI startup seeks $10-12M (approximately 83-100 Crores INR)from investors for Series B round.
  • Flickstree seeks funding from UK, Japan, Singapore VCs.
  • Japan’s ICMG Co-Creation Fund invested in Flickstree’s pre-Series B round.

Introduction Flickstree

Flickstree is an AI-Powered Affiliate Marketing Platform that leverages AI technology to enhance online marketing effectiveness. Established in 2016, Flickstree operates within the USD 17 billion affiliate marketing industry, serving clients globally across regions such as the US, Europe, SE Asia, Middle East Asia, and India. By utilizing detailed shopping data from over 85 million users and advanced AI tools, Flickstree collaborates with over 200 global brands, focusing on driving real sales rather than just views. Noteworthy is their commitment to publishers, evident through the development of the OneClick Publisher Suite, designed to simplify content dissemination and audience expansion.

Funding Endeavor and Investor Engagement

Flickstree, a Mumbai-based startup fueled by AI for affiliate marketing, is currently in the early stages of conversations with investors to secure between $10 million to $12 million in its Series B funding phase. The funding endeavor will witness involvement from the startup’s existing backers, notably Venture Catalysts. Additionally, Flickstree is in discussions with several new investors, including VC firms from the UK, Japan, and Singapore, as per undisclosed sources familiar with the matter.

Japan’s ICMG Co-Creation Fund recently invested in the startup’s extended pre-Series B round, becoming a new addition to the company’s list of investors. This investment took place earlier this month, following the startup’s initial announcement of the pre-Series B funding round in October 2022.Top of Form

Flickstree plans to utilize the recent investment to enhance its artificial intelligence (AI) tools, enabling publishers to create higher quality blogs and expand their user base. Additionally, the company intends to introduce new languages such as Japanese, in addition to English, to broaden its global presence.

According to sources, a portion of the new funds will be used to recruit talent from countries outside of India. “Flickstree currently generates over 90% of its revenue from international markets. The company plans to expand its workforce in Europe, Japan, and the US,” stated one source.

Innovative AI Tools and Publisher Collaboration

Established in 2016 by Saurabh Singh, Rahul Jain, and Narendra Sangra, Flickstree’s AI-driven affiliate marketing platform assists brands in boosting their sales by attracting more users to their products.

This startup offers the OneClick Publisher Suite, a handy tool helping them make affiliate marketing smarter using technology. They currently collaborate with around 500 publisher partners, rewarding them with commissions for driving traffic to brand affiliate links and boosting lead generation and sales.

Moreover, the startup manages an in-house Data Management Platform (DMP) with a whopping 85 million users. They analyze crucial data like purchase history, location, and brand loyalty to pinpoint potential customers for personalized outreach.

Flickstree ended the fiscal year 2024 with a revenue of INR 70 Cr, marking a 75% growth from the INR 40 Cr in the previous fiscal year. The startup, backed by investors such as Samsung, Accretio Investments, and former cricketer Sourav Ganguly, faces competition from Commission Junction, Awin, Impact, and other similar platforms.

Flickstree, the Mumbai-based AI-powered affiliate marketing startup, is in the midst of securing $10-12 million in Series B funding, engaging with existing and potential investors from the UK, Japan, and Singapore. The recent investment from Japan’s ICMG Co-Creation Fund will bolster the enhancement of AI tools and expansion into new languages, such as Japanese, to amplify global reach. With over 90% revenue derived from international markets, the company plans to broaden its workforce in Europe, Japan, and the US. Flickstree’s innovative OneClick Publisher Suite and in-house Data Management Platform contribute to their substantial revenue growth, marking a 75% increase, and the company’s continued success in a competitive market.

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