NXP India, in Collaboration with MeitY, Start-up India & FabCI, Invites Companies to Join the Semiconductor Startup Program 2023

Semiconductor Industry

Three points you will get to know in this article:

  • A collaborative initiative involving NXP Semiconductors India, Start-up India, FabCi, and MeitY, dedicated to nurturing semiconductor and IP design startups across India.
  • The program welcomes startups of different stages, providing 50+ mentorship hours, advanced EDA tools, industry leader collaboration (e.g., NXP), and access to modern labs.
  • Submit your applications by October 15th for a time-sensitive opportunity in semiconductor innovation, with evaluations concluding by December 7th.

In a collaborative effort involving NXP Semiconductors India, Start-up India, FabCi (Fabless Chip Design Incubator), and the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, the second edition of the Semiconductor Startup Incubation and Acceleration Program has been unveiled.

This ambitious initiative is dedicated to discovering, nurturing, mentoring, and establishing semiconductor and IP design startups all across India. Its primary focus is on fostering a thriving ecosystem for chip design and innovation.

Commencing in 2022, this program has already played a pivotal role in fostering the growth of numerous startups within the semiconductor industry. It is geared towards providing crucial support in areas such as idea validation, enhancing visibility, offering mentorship, and facilitating access to the necessary ecosystem. These efforts align perfectly with India’s aspiration to attain self-sufficiency in semiconductor chip design.

The program represents a dynamic partnership between NXP Semiconductors and the FabCI incubator situated at the esteemed Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Hyderabad. MeitY, a crucial collaborator, brings its wealth of expertise and unwavering support to this groundbreaking initiative. Now, the program eagerly extends an invitation to startups specializing in semiconductor chip design, IP design, and design services, with a keen emphasis on cutting-edge domains such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), the internet of things (IoT), 5G, Edge Computing, Functional Safety, Human Machine Interface, IoT Security, RISCV, quantum computing, and beyond.

According to information available on the Start-up India website, the program is actively inviting companies across various sectors such as automotive, industrial, communication infrastructure, mobile technology, smart city development, and smart home innovations to participate enthusiastically. Notably, this opportunity extends to startups at varying stages of development, ranging from those with a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) to those already conducting pilot trials. The primary criterion for eligibility revolves around their potential for substantial growth, possession of valuable intellectual property, and the ability to offer a distinct competitive edge in serving substantial markets.

What’s particularly exciting is that the program encourages a broad spectrum of stakeholders to get involved, including accelerators, incubators, investors, mentors, and individual enthusiasts. This collective engagement serves to significantly broaden the program’s reach and amplify its positive impact. Furthermore, the initiative’s scope extends generously, encompassing a diverse array of industries and services, spanning from cutting-edge developments in artificial intelligence and healthcare to transformative breakthroughs in transportation and robotics.

Entrepreneurs selected to be part of this program will enjoy a range of valuable support designed to fuel their growth over a two-year period. These incentives encompass over 50 hours of personalized mentorship, access to a comprehensive suite of cutting-edge Electronic Design Automation (EDA) tools, an opportunity with a market value of approximately Rs 1 crore, a collaborative partnership with NXP as a trusted industry ally, access to NXP India’s state-of-the-art Post-Silicon Lab, engaging sessions with industry experts to inspire innovative thinking, and a chance to shine at the NXP Demo Day, where they can connect with industry investors and seasoned professionals.

The door to the second edition of this program is wide open for applications, and we encourage all interested companies to submit theirs by October 15th. Our internal evaluation process will wrap up by November 15th, and we aim to complete the pitching and selection phase by December 7th. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to be part of our program!

The Semiconductor Startup Incubation and Acceleration Program’s second edition marks a pivotal moment in India’s journey towards self-sufficiency in semiconductor chip design. With strong collaborative efforts, it offers a nurturing ecosystem for startups in various cutting-edge domains. The broad eligibility criteria and comprehensive support ensure that entrepreneurs have the resources they need to thrive. If you’re in the semiconductor industry, seize this chance to be part of a program that paves the way for innovation and growth. Submit your applications by October 15th and embark on a transformative journey in the world of semiconductor design. Don’t miss out on this remarkable opportunity!

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