Roopak Jain accused of Paytm Extortion case gets bail by Allahabad HC

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Key Highlights

The mastermind for planning complete Paytm Extortion case was of Sonia Dhawan former Paytm Vice President (Communications).

Roopak Jain, husband of Sonia Dhawan is granted bail by Allahabad High Court on January 31.

Four accused tried to wring Rs. 10 Crore by impending to leak financial and personal data of Paytm founder and CEO Vijay Shekhar Sharma.


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On October 22, 2018, Ajay Shekhar Sharma, Senior Vice President, Paytm filed a complaint against four people – Sonia Dhawan, former Paytm Vice President (Communications), her husband Roopak Jain, Devendra Kumar, a Paytm admin staff and his companion Rohit Chomal – accusing that these four persons have stolen personal data of his brother and Paytm founder and CEO Vijay Shekhar Sharma and demanded an extortion amount of Rs. 10 Crores. Noida police sector 20 has filed an FIR and arrested all of the 4 accused. After three months ordeal, Roopak Jain is granted bail by Allahabad High Court on January 31.

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Jain’s Lawyer Satish Kumar told, “The bail was granted on January 31, but they haven’t yet received a copy of the order.” He also added we have stressed that money transfer didn’t occur into Roopak Jain’s bank account and he wasn’t even employee of Paytm. Now Jain’s plea will be heard at Surajpur district and Session court, Gautam Buddha Nagar on February 13.

Ajay Kumar Sharma told that a person named Rohit Chomwal from Kolkata had tried to wring Rs. 20 Crore by impending to leak financial details and personal photos of his brother and CEO of Paytm. After 24 hours of police inquiry with Chomwal, he narrated the complete story of the case and told the mastermind for planning complete incident was Sonia Dhawan.

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The case was initially taken into consideration by Surajpur court but after rejection of bail, plea family went to Allahabad High court. Jain is presently under judicial custody and will get bail once the family gets an order copy and Sonia Dhawan is still in police custody, her bail appeal is still pending in Surajpur court.

The case gone with several twists as Prasant Tripathi, previous lawyer of Sonia Dhawan claimed that Dhawan and Jain both too have received extortion calls and said it’s Sharma Brother who masterminded the plan. But Allahabad High court has solved the matter and has granted bail to Roopak Jain. More outputs of court hearing related to this issue are a matter of concern to all. Stay tuned with us for latest updates!

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