Top Five Trends for Digital Marketing in Mumbai for 2020

Digital marketing has been an essential tool for Indian business professionals for better ad campaigns and marketing strategy. There has been a massive demand for digital marketing agencies in Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore, and other parts of the country. However, Mumbai is considered to be the hub for all digital marketing firms in the country. 

Experts believe that India is going to witness some major changes in digital marketing for 2020. These changes are connected with marketing, content, web video, and more; these trends will help digital marketing agencies in Mumbai to engage more customers this year.

Here are the top five digital marketing trends in India for 2020 people should look for:

  • Technology Advancement
  • Importance of Interactive Content
  • Social Media Stories is a Hidden Weapon
  • Content Experiences will be the Focal Point
  • Streaming Video Services

Technology Advancement:

2020 will introduce new technological advances such as 5G network for smartphones, upgrade in artificial intelligence, smart TVs, and many more. These technology advancements are important for the digital marketing in Mumbai to engage customers with ads. These developments will modify how content will be accessed and consumed, which is a result of the increasing number of mobile users. 

Importance of Interactive Content: 

More than 90 per cent of buyers are looking better interactive content online. This year content marketing will put its focus to provide audiences more of what they desire. The improved level of interactivity is an essential part of 2020 digital marketing in Mumbai. 

Social Media Stories is a Hidden Weapon:

Once Snapchat introduced the concept of ‘My Story’, soon other social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook stories were introduced. Numerous brands and ambassadors are using it as a tool to reach the audience and promote their brands and product in an effective way. The stories are used to set up polls, provide offers, show locations, and many more. Also, the hashtag is a prominent tool for promoting brand and products in the market. 

Content Experiences will be the Focal Point:

Content experience is a blend of content and context where every piece of content carries an experience (both good or bad) via elements such as design, placement, environment, and others. Content experience is about directing the entire user experience when engaging with the content. It grasps the control in the hands of the marketers, while also highlighting on the brand experience.

Streaming Video Service: 

Like 2019, even this year video streaming will play a vital role in digital marketing for brands and digital marketing agencies in Mumbai. Marketers report digital budgets increased 25 per cent every year. More than 75 per cent of the digital video viewers will watch advertisements in exchange for free content and video. It is a great year to use video streaming services for digital marketing. 

But Why to Hire a Digital Marketing Firm in Mumbai in 2020? 

Currently, numerous companies are doing the wrong online campaign, which is affecting their brand image directly. Hiring a digital marketing firm in Mumbai has various benefits. Digital marketing companies in Mumbai will help your company grow and provide a better web presence. The professionals working for your SEO will fix any mistake that is made previously. 

One of the best digital marketing companies in Mumbai is Digimanic. Based in Mumbai, Digimanic provides 360-degree service for digital marketing. They provide complete services from SEO, SEM, SMM, ORM UI/UX design, App Promotion, and more. 

Shikha Shukla

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