Celcius Logistics Secures $4.8M Investment from IvyCap Ventures

Celcius Logistics funded by IvyCap Ventures

Three points you will get to know in this article:

  • Celcius Logistics gets INR 40 crore for cold storage expansion in 500 cities.
  • IvyCap leads investment to improve company’s cold-chain logistics.
  • Celcius Logistics simplifies cold-chain with 4,000 vehicles for manufacturers and consumers.

Introduction to Celcius

Celcius is a company focused on revolutionizing Reefer Logistics, particularly in the realm of cold chain technology. They have recently secured a substantial Series A funding of Rs 100 crore aimed at driving innovation in this sector. Celcius aspires to simplify the transportation of perishable goods by bringing offline operations of Reefer transportation online, making it easier for enterprises and transporters to connect efficiently. The company offers a tech platform and an extensive network of refrigerated trucks, striving to deliver reliability, efficiency, and a seamless experience to their clients and transporters. Celcius aims to make it simple for transporters to book loads and move efficiently while enabling clients to access trucks of varying capacities easily.

Celcius Logistics Gains INR 40 Crore Investment

Celcius Logistics, a significant contributor in the cold-chain logistics field, secured an investment of Rs 40 crore or $4.8 million during a pre-Series B funding phase. This funding was primarily facilitated by IvyCap Ventures, an existing supporter of the company. Notably, Mumbai Angels and Caret Capital also joined in this round of funding. Prior to this milestone, Celcius Logistics had already gathered Rs 100 crore ($12 million) in a Series A funding round back in April 2023, with IvyCap Ventures leading the investment charge.

Allocation of Funds and Growth Strategies

Celcius Logistics is gearing up for a major boost with new funds dedicated to expanding its operational prowess. This involves ramping up their Transportation Management System (TMS) and Warehouse Management System (WMS), vital tools in bolstering their cold storage solutions.

The company has ambitious plans to broaden its footprint to encompass more than 500 cities in the coming year. The aim? To lend a helping hand to manufacturers, making the sale of perishable goods smoother and more efficient for everyone involved.

Celcius Logistics, initiated by Swarup Bose, stands as your go-to partner for all things cold-chain within the country. Our mission? To seamlessly connect shippers with transporters, simplifying the entire cold-chain process. From those final crucial miles to doorstep deliveries in your neighborhood, we’ve got you covered. Our expertise spans across industries, with a special focus on safeguarding perishable goods like food and pharmaceuticals.

Infrastructure Milestones: Robust Network and Operations

Currently, Celcius Logistics prides itself on a strong infrastructure pivotal to its operations. According to the startup, it manages a fleet of 4,000 vehicles and oversees 107 cold storage facilities, along with 27 distribution centers and 200 hyperlocal riders.

Thanks to this wide-reaching network, Celcius effectively manages a significant amount of perishable goods, surpassing four lakh tons already. This enables them to cater to a varied clientele with ease.

Industry-Leading Clientele: Partnering with Prominent Brands

Celcius Logistics boasts a prestigious clientele which includes well-known companies such as Zomato, Spicejet, Reliance Pharma, Maersk, Prabhat Dairy, Baskin Robbins, Vadilal, Domino’s, Keventers, and Godrej Agrovet, among others.

Celcius Logistics, a leading cold-chain logistics company, recently secured an investment of INR 40 crore ($4.8 million) in a pre-Series B funding round. The funding, led by IvyCap Ventures, is earmarked for bolstering its Transportation Management and Warehouse Management Systems to expand its cold storage operations across 500 cities. With a robust infrastructure comprising 4,000 vehicles, 107 cold storage facilities, and a prestigious clientele including Zomato and Spicejet, Celcius Logistics continues to excel in its mission of simplifying the cold-chain process, benefiting manufacturers and end consumers alike.

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