Indeed’s CEO Admits to Being Accountable for the Layoff Of 1,000 Employees

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Three points you will get to know in this article:

  • Global job search platform Indeed is restructuring, leading to the departure of 1,000 US employees.
  • CEO Hyams supports affected staff with enhanced benefits and accountability.
  • Restructuring for efficiency through departmental reorganization due to past challenges.

Introduction to Indeed

Indeed is the #1 job site in the world, with over 350 million unique visitors every month. It provides job seekers with free access to search for jobs, post resumes, and research companies. Indeed’s mission is to help people get jobs, and it has more than 13,000 global employees passionately pursuing this purpose and improving the recruitment journey through real stories and data. Indeed strives to create the best experience for job seekers and is committed to making a positive impact on society by connecting people to better work to create better lives.

Restructuring Impact on Departments and Locations

Indeed, the global job search platform, is in the process of streamlining its workforce, which unfortunately means saying goodbye to around 1,000 colleagues, constituting about 8% of its team. This restructuring impacts various departments and locations, with a notable focus on the United States, particularly affecting research and development teams along with certain sales and marketing divisions.

CEO Chris Hyams expressed, “Arriving at this decision was challenging, yet imperative to streamline our organization and facilitate more efficient decision-making processes.” He underscored the thorough approach undertaken in navigating these tough choices.

“We collaborated closely with our HR, Legal, and DEIB+ teams to ensure fairness and impartiality throughout the decision-making journey. Our final decisions have been made with careful consideration, ensuring no discernible disproportionate impact on women, under-represented genders, or minority groups within the US population,” Hyams elaborated, prioritizing clarity and accessibility in his communication.

Enhanced Separation Benefits for Employees

Following the recent staff reductions, Indeed has bolstered the separation benefits offered to affected employees. This enhanced package encompasses severance pay, healthcare coverage where applicable, and additional support services such as outplacement assistance.

Leadership Accountability and Support Commitment

Hyams openly acknowledged his own accountability along with that of the senior leadership team amidst this trying period.

“I take full responsibility for our current situation, and the entire SLT shares the responsibility for the tough choices we’ve had to make to pave the way for our future,” he stated. “We understand the profound impact these decisions will have on individuals, and we’re committed to supporting them through this transition.”

Hyams highlighted the need for the recent staff reductions by outlining the hurdles the company encountered in the preceding year. “In the past year, we faced tough times due to a global slowdown in hiring. This resulted in several quarters of financial strain. To combat this, we trimmed our team, implemented various money-saving tactics, and tightened our financial strategy across the board. These efforts paid off, and now we’re running with solid profits.”

Nevertheless, the global economic landscape, though showing signs of improvement, still presents obstacles to sustained progress.

Striving for Organizational Streamlining and Progress

“While there have been some positive shifts in the global economy lately, we’re not yet positioned for steady expansion. Despite our ongoing endeavors, our organization remains overly complex, with too much overlap and bureaucratic layers that hinder swift decision-making. We’ve been striving to streamline every aspect of our operations, but without significant changes, we won’t reach our desired destination,” Hyams added.

Indeed is undertaking a significant revamp of its Research and Development (R&D) department to better match its marketplace strategy. This involves trimming management tiers to streamline operations and bolster decision-making processes.

Moreover, the company is restructuring certain Go-to-Market teams to boost efficiency and effectiveness in their operations. Notably, a substantial number of Sales and Customer Service positions will be phased out at its Foster City location in California.

Upcoming Changes in Simplifying Decision-Making

“Throughout the organization, we’re implementing additional changes to simplify decision-making and foster clarity,” revealed Hyams. “We’re aiming for a unique and user-friendly approach, employing simple language with a touch of human warmth.”

Indeed, a prominent global job search platform, is restructuring its workforce, leading to the departure of 1,000 employees. This reshaping predominantly affects the US teams, including research and development and sales divisions. CEO Chris Hyams emphasized the meticulous decision-making process, ensuring fairness and support for impacted staff. Enhanced separation benefits, accountability, and a focus on simplifying operations underscore the company’s approach. The necessity for change stems from financial challenges in the past year and a drive towards greater organizational efficiency. Strategic reorganization within departments reflects Indeed’s commitment to adaptability and efficiency.

Karan Balodi

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