Shark Tank India Featured Brainwired Agritech Story

Brainwired at Shark Tank India

Three points you will get to know in this article:

  • Brainwired offers affordable livestock monitoring solutions for Indian farmers.
  • Founders have varied backgrounds and raised $313K from investors. 
  • Founders own majority shares, with various shareholders.

Shark Tank India Showcased Brainwired

Brainwired is an agritech startup based in India that specializes in developing a livestock health monitoring and tracking system called WeSTOCK. The company was founded in February 2018. Brainwired is a provider of real-time monitoring and tracking solutions for livestock farms. They offer automated health monitoring sensors, online livestock biodata storage, personalized notifications, access to animal husbandry blogs, automated weight measurement, geo-fencing, and RFID-based tracking systems. Brainwired operates in the B2B space within the High Tech, HealthTech, Food, and Agriculture Tech market segments. Brainwired’s mission is to become a household name among Indian farmers by offering efficient and affordable solutions for livestock monitoring and care.

Mr. Sreeshankar S Nair and Mr. Romeo P Jerard: Brainwired Founders

Mr. Sreeshankar S Nair is a co-founder of Brainwired, a company aimed at revolutionizing the agriculture industry in India. The team at Brainwired offers cost-effective health monitoring and tracking solutions for precision livestock farming. Our focus is on supporting farmers in rural villages whose livelihood depends on their livestock. Brainwired assists both full-time and part-time farmers in maximizing their profits from their livestock farms. He joined Lykan as a Chief Business Development Officer (CBDO) in 2017 and has been working with them ever since. His previous work experience includes roles as a Business Development Manager and Education Counselor at the Byjus learning application.

Mr. Romeo P Jerard currently responsible for overseeing the administration and finance at Brainwired and managing the company’s affairs. He previously interned as a communication engineer at ITI and was selected to be part of the core team for organizing the space expo and college fest, ensuring smooth execution of both events. He also finished as a runner-up in an innovation challenge. His experience includes managing people, building teams, organizing events, and problem-solving during his time in college.

Funding and Investors

  • Brainwired raised $313K in 7 rounds.
  • Seed funding was received from Soonicorn Ventures on Nov 01, 2023.
  • The company has diverse investors like India Accelerator, Mumbai Angels and Soonicorn Ventures.

Competitors of Brainwired

Brainwired is a company that operates within a competitive landscape with 139 competitors. It holds the 17th rank among these competitors. Out of these competitors, 31 have received funding and 3 have exited the market. In total, Brainwired and its rivals have collected over $189M in funding through 82 funding rounds involving 206 investors. There are 3 companies acquired within this competitive sphere. Brainwired is compared to its top competitors, which include Stellapps, Halter, and Herddogg.

  • Stellapps: Stellapps is focused on real-time monitoring and tracking solutions for livestock farms, founded in 2011 in Bengaluru, India. It has reached Series C funding with $40.3M raised and holding the 1st position among the competitors.
  • Halter: Based in Auckland, New Zealand, established in 2016, offers AI-powered herd management solutions. It is in the Series C funding stage with $81.3M in total funding and ranking 2nd.
  • Herddogg: From Ashland, United States, founded in 2013, provides integrated hardware and software solutions for livestock monitoring, has Series A funding with $14.5M raised, and in the 3rd overall rank.

Current Shareholders of Brainwired

  • Shareholders of Brainwired: The shareholders of Brainwired are the people or entities that own a part of the company.
  • Ownership Breakdown: According to the latest report from April 19, 2023, the Founders of Brainwired have the largest share at 56.80%. This means they own more than half of the company.
  • Founders: Founders collectively hold 56.80% of the company’s ownership.
  • Financial Value: The net worth of the shares owned by the Founders is around INR 14.9Cr, which indicates the total value of their holdings in the company.
  • Other Shareholders: Apart from the Founders, other shareholders include Funds, Angels, Enterprises, Other People, and Other Investors. They hold varying percentages of ownership in Brainwired. Funds hold 15.49%, Angels hold 15.01%, Enterprises hold 5.26%, Other People hold 3.36%, and Other Investors hold 0.10%.

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