Agritech Startup BharatRohan Raises $2.3M in Funding with Venture Garage, RevX, and More

BharatRohan Agritech

Three points you will get to know in this article:

  • BharatRohan gets $2.3M for precision agriculture in India.
  • The company uses drones, sensors, and franchises to make farming technology accessible.
  • BharatRohan plans to revolutionize farming in India.

Introduction to BharatRohan

BharatRohan is a tech-driven agricultural venture founded by two aeronautical engineers. It aims to transform conventional farming using drone-based hyperspectral imagery technology and sustainable practices. The organization has achieved key milestones, expanded its farmer network, and broadened its crop portfolio. Its vision is to empower Indian agriculture and contribute to the global economy, underpinned by safe food, advanced technology, education, healthcare, and sustainable infrastructure. The core values of BharatRohan include unshakable empathy, celebrating differences, and embracing curiosity and adaptability.

Funding Milestone and Future Plans

BharatRohan, a budding player in the agritech realm, has recently clinched a hefty sum of $2.3 million in a funding round, gearing up for their IPO. This financial boost, spearheaded by Venture Garage, RevX, Caspian, and Villgro Innovation Foundation, marks a significant milestone for the company.

Their game plan? To channel these funds into crafting cutting-edge drones tailored for precise crop monitoring and smarter pesticide application. Picture this: drones equipped with top-notch edge computing technology, ensuring farmers get real-time insights into their crops’ health, while optimizing pesticide use for maximum efficiency.

Democratizing Access to Advanced Farming Technology

But here’s the kicker: BharatRohan isn’t stopping there. They’re democratizing access to this technology by offering it to rural entrepreneurs through franchise-based models. Imagine local farmers taking charge, equipped with state-of-the-art tools to revolutionize their farming practices.

And wait, there’s more. BharatRohan is also venturing into designing compact hyperspectral and multispectral sensors for their drones. These sensors, a marvel of modern engineering, will elevate crop monitoring to new heights, providing farmers with unparalleled insights into their fields.

Vision for Scientific, Sustainable, and Profitable Farming

Founders Amandeep Panwar and Rishabh Choudhary were passionate about the company’s mission to improve services and expand its presence nationwide. “We’re determined to make our services even better and reach more people across the country,” they explained. They believe this will help make farming more scientific, sustainable, and profitable.

Vivek Kumar, the founder of Venture Garage, praised BharatRohan’s distinctive approach: “BharatRohan is in a league of its own, leveraging cutting-edge technology to address one of agriculture’s oldest challenges: optimizing farming practices and connecting farmers with the most lucrative markets.” He noted that the company is growing rapidly and expressed confidence that it’s not just building a business dedicated to sustainable and scalable agriculture but also generating significant returns for investors.

Remarkable Progress and Ambitious Expansion

Established in 2016, BharatRohan is currently empowering 50,000 farmers across five states, managing a total of 200,000 acres through its innovative drone-driven decision-making tool, BharatRohan CropAssure.

This groundbreaking system swiftly detects diseases, pests, and nutrient deficiencies in their early phases, facilitating the implementation of holistic pest management techniques for cultivating crops without harmful residues.

Looking ahead, the company aims to broaden its reach and services across 15 Indian states, encompassing 10 lakh acres by 2025. Notably, it prides itself on its remarkable progress, boasting a threefold increase in revenue and a 200% surge in profits compared to the previous fiscal year.

Turbocharging Precision Agriculture Solutions

BharatRohan is set to turbocharge its offerings using cutting-edge drones equipped with advanced edge computing capabilities and smart pesticide delivery systems. These groundbreaking solutions are geared towards reaching rural entrepreneurs through a franchise setup, enabling them to provide CropAssure services to farmers across the country.

As BharatRohan pushes ahead to broaden and refine its precision agriculture solutions, the goal is nothing short of transforming farming methods in India. The aim is to make farming more scientific, eco-friendly, and profitable for both farmers and investors.

BharatRohan, having secured a substantial $2.3 million in funding, is poised to revolutionize agriculture in India. Their focus on cutting-edge drones for precise crop monitoring and pesticide application, coupled with plans for democratizing access to rural entrepreneurs, demonstrates their commitment to sustainable and profitable farming. The company’s accolades and ambitious expansion goals underscore its remarkable progress and potential for widespread impact. With a vision to transform farming practices using advanced technology, BharatRohan is on the path to making agriculture more scientific, eco-friendly, and economically rewarding for farmers and investors alike.

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