Chennai Skincare Startup CHOSEN Secures $1.2M in Seed Funding

Skincare Startup CHOSEN Secures Funding

Three points you will get to know in this article:

  • CHOSEN secures $1.2M (INR 10Cr approximately) seed funding to support women entrepreneurs.
  • CHOSEN specializes in cutting-edge skincare for Indian skin using patents and IoT tech.
  • Funds will boost operations, introduce new products, and form B2B partnerships for growth.

Funding and Support: A Major Milestone for CHOSEN


Chennai’s skincare startup CHOSEN has secured INR 1.2m dollars in seed funding from friends, family, and anonymous investors. This achievement comes after previously receiving a INR 8.1Cr equity-free grant from Peak XV Partners through the SPARK program, aimed at supporting women entrepreneurs.

Established by cosmetic dermatologist Dr. Renita Rajan, CHOSEN is dedicated to creating cutting-edge skincare products specifically designed for Indian skin types. By utilizing patents and advanced technology formulations, CHOSEN strives to offer innovative solutions to address the needs of Indian consumers. In addition to its range of traditional skincare products, the startup is actively researching the integration of Internet of Things (IoT) technology into its solutions.

Utilization of Funding

CHOSEN intends to leverage the recently secured capital to augment its workforce and bolster its logistical prowess. This strategic move aligns with the company’s overarching objective of amplifying its operational capacity and introducing innovative product lines.

“This infusion of capital furnishes us with the agility to fortify our operational footprint and delve into untapped avenues for advancement. Our imminent focus entails forging synergistic alliances within diverse B2B sectors such as hospitality, healthcare, tourism, and recreation to broaden our distribution network. Our ultimate aim revolves around securing pre-series funding ranging between $10-20 million later this fiscal year,” remarked Rajan.

Expansion Plans and Product Development

CHOSEN currently has 34 stock-keeping units (SKUs) available and has 12 more products in development. The startup intends to release more products in the next 18 months. In the last four years, CHOSEN has created a diverse range of effective cosmetic products through a multi-channel ecosystem.

Distribution and Strategic Alliances

Aside from expanding its product offerings, CHOSEN is seeking to increase its distribution channels by partnering with various B2B sectors including hospitality, health, travel, and leisure. Furthermore, the startup is aiming to secure pre-series funding of INR 84-168Cr later this year to facilitate its expansion initiatives and delve into new avenues for growth.

Chennai-based skincare startup CHOSEN successfully secured a significant INR 101Cr in seed funding, following an INR 8.1Cr grant from Peak XV Partners. Founded by Dr. Renita Rajan, CHOSEN pioneers advanced skincare solutions tailored for Indian skin, leveraging technology and IoT research. The funding aims to fortify the company’s operations, introduce new product lines, and forge strategic partnerships in B2B sectors. Currently offering 34 products with 12 more in development, CHOSEN aims to expand its distribution and pursue additional funding for growth and innovation.

Neha Kamath

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