Kolkata Based Dating App Flutrr Secures Funding from Huma Qureshi and More

Huma Qureshi invest in Kolkata dating app Flutrr

Three points you will get to know in this article:

  • Kolkata dating app Flutrr gets Rs 2 crore in funding, bringing total capital to $750,000.
  • App caters to non-English speakers in smaller Indian cities, supports six languages.
  • Flutrr aims to revolutionize online dating in India with user-friendly features and inclusivity.

Flutrr’s Latest Funding Round and Infusion of Bollywood Stardust

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Flutrr, a dating app based in Kolkata that offers support for six Indian languages, has secured Rs 2 crore in funding from Bollywood actress Huma Qureshi and a group of angel investors, including Sandeep Bhattacharya, the former Global CMO of Hoechst and Merck, and Yogesh Mishra, Director of PayPal USA. This latest round of funding raises Flutrr’s total capital to approximately $750,000 (around Rs 6.5 crore). The app is also backed by prominent entities such as the Times of India, The Chennai Angels, and senior executives from Google, SAP, Microsoft, and DBS.

“Huma’s investment is a significant step towards establishing Flutrr as a nationwide success story from Kolkata. We’re delighted to have a powerful woman like Huma join the Flutrr family,” said Kaushik. “Huma has consistently portrayed strong feminist characters throughout her career. As a women-centric app, we are incredibly excited to welcome her,” added Anirban, Co-Founder and CMO.

Flutrr’s Language-Centric Approach to Dating in India

Flutrr is a dating app that caters to users in India by supporting six different languages: Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Hindi, and Bengali. The primary goal of this startup is to provide a platform for non-English speakers in Tier II and Tier III cities to establish meaningful connections based on shared linguistic and cultural backgrounds. Designed specifically for young Indians residing in small towns, the app allows users to express themselves and form relationships in their native languages, making online dating more accessible and inclusive.

India ranks fifth globally in terms of market size for dating apps, with a rising number of young Indians from smaller towns turning to online dating. Despite this growth, many popular dating apps primarily use English, posing a challenge for users who are not proficient in the language. Flutrr seeks to address this issue by providing its platform in major Indian languages. “Kaushik Banerjee, Co-Founder and CEO of Flutrr, highlighted that ‘Bharat’, representing small-town India, is home to about 650 million young people who struggle with English. Despite this, the ‘Jio Effect’ has democratized internet access, reaching even the most remote areas and bridging the digital divide. Flutrr is at the forefront of this transformation, offering a dating app in major Indian languages to help young individuals find romantic partners in their native languages.”

Flutrr’s Approach to User Engagement and Monetization

Accessible to both Android and iOS users, Flutrr employs a pay-per-use model with micro-transactions. Users can enhance their experience by purchasing premium features like profile boosts and likes without needing a subscription. The app emphasizes user safety with advanced features such as face recognition algorithms, mobile number verification, private mode messaging, and a kill switch to delete chats from the recipient’s device. Additionally, video calls include a blur filter, and screenshots are disabled to ensure privacy. Users can also enable ‘ghost mode’ to conceal their precise location. Flutrr has implemented various features to boost user engagement.

The ‘finderr’ feature enables users to display content similar to Instagram or TikTok. Additional features include love quotes, music, and a gifting option to encourage active participation. “Our app is fostering a gifting culture by introducing coupons that reward users for sending more likes and messages on our platform. This motivates our users to interact more actively with our app,” stated Anirban.

Flutrr, a Kolkata-based dating app, secured Rs 2 crore in funding from Huma Qureshi and angel investors, increasing its capital to around $750,000. The app, supporting six Indian languages, aims to foster meaningful connections for non-English speakers in smaller Indian cities. By employing advanced user safety features and a pay-per-use model with micro-transactions, Flutrr ensures a secure and engaging experience. Its measures to promote inclusivity and accessibility in online dating, as well as its focus on user engagement and monetization, reflect its commitment to revolutionizing the landscape of online dating for India’s diverse linguistic and cultural demographics.

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