Shark Tank India Featured Wakao Foods

Wakao Foods at Shark Tank India

Three points you will get to know in this article:

  • Wakao Foods uses jackfruit for plant-based meat.
  • Founder Sairaj Dhond offers sustainable, cruelty-free food.
  • Wakao raised $100K in funding and competes with 142 rivals in plant-based meat.

Shark Tank India showcased Wakao Foods

Wakao Foods is India’s first brand that makes products from the superfood jackfruit. They make plant-based meat substitutes, primarily using jackfruit as the main ingredient. Their products are designed to mimic the taste and texture of real meat, but without the use of animal products. Wakao’s meat alternatives are targeted at consumers who want a healthier, more environmentally-friendly option compared to traditional meat. Their product line includes items like pizza, burgers, and other common meat-based dishes, but in a plant-based form. Wakao markets its products as being high in fiber, vegan, gluten-free, and limiting the use of genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

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Founder and CEO: Wakao Foods

  • The founder and CEO of Wakao Foods is Sairaj Dhond.
  • Sairaj started his career as a criminal lawyer but later pursued his passion for sustainable entrepreneurship.
  • He is committed to creating brands that have a global footprint and help the environment.
  • After a year of trials and experimentation with chefs, he founded Wakao to bring his vision to life.

Vision and Purpose : Wakao Foods

  • Wakao’s vision is to offer naturally grown, plant-based products that are good for the customer and great for the planet.
  • Their current focus is on jackfruit, but they plan to expand their offerings to include more food products, sources, and categories.
  • Wakao is passionate about healthy, sustainable food and aims to bring ethically sourced, sustainably grown food to customers’ dinner tables.
  • They support cruelty-free food and a vegan way of life.

Sectors and Market Segments does Wakao Foods Operate

Wakao operates in the business-to-consumer (B2C) market, which means they sell directly to individual customers rather than other businesses, which indicates that Wakao is active in the high-tech industry as well as the food and agriculture technology sectors.

Legal Entities Wakao Foods Is Associated With

Dhond Group Green Infra LLP is a limited liability partnership (LLP) company that Wakao is associated with. It was incorporated (officially formed) on June 23, 2013. As of March 31, 2021, Its revenue (total income) was $1.32 million. Its net profit (after expenses) was a loss of $1.13 million and It had 652 employees.

Funding and Investors of Wakao

Company has raised funding from investors. According to our reports, Wakao has raised a total of $100,000 in funding so far, which was raised in a single funding round. Wakao’s latest funding round was an Angel round, which means it was an early-stage investment by individual investors, rather than a venture capital firm or other institutional investor. This Angel round occurred on January 27, 2022 and raised $100,000. Three investors participated in Wakao’s latest funding round. The lead investors were Namita Thapar ,Ghazal Alagh, Vineeta Singh.

Competitors of Wakao

Wakao operates in a highly competitive market with 142 competitors, ranking 33rd among them. Of these competitors, 41 have received funding, while 12 have exited through acquisitions. The overall competition set has raised over 3.09 billions in funding across 100 funding rounds, involving 353 investors. The landscape includes 2 private “unicorn” companies value to over 1 billion, 3 public companies, and 9 companies that have been acquired. 

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