How Indian Startups Celebrated Mother’s Day 2024

Mother’s Day 2024

Mother’s Day is a much-loved holiday celebrating the contributions, love, and sacrifices made by mothers and other mother figures. It serves as a particular time to express gratitude for their everlasting support and nurturing presence. Beyond expressions of gratitude, the day emphasizes the value of family ties and the social role that mothers play. Mother’s Day is a worldwide custom that was born out of Anna Jarvis’s early 20th-century efforts and encourages people to consider and celebrate the critical role mothers play in forming both individuals and communities.

Startups make great use of Mother’s Day by adjusting their marketing tactics to speak to the sentimental and practical components of the occasion. In order to draw in customers searching for considerate gifts, they provide specialty goods and services including distinctive gift bundles, personalized goods, and exclusive discounts.

Additionally, influencer collaborations and social media campaigns are common strategies used by companies to boost exposure and interaction. Startups can increase sales, foster customer loyalty, and broaden their market reach by integrating their brand with the sentimental elements of Mother’s Day.

Let’s see how Indian companies took the help of the occasion to promote their products & services in a witty, subtle, humorous way.

1. Zepto’s Humorous Instagram Post

Zepto is a quickly expanding startup that is transforming the Indian grocery delivery market with their lightning-fast 10-minute delivery service. On this Mother’s day, Zepto used banter and created an imaginary ‘’ to assist in sorting out groceries and selecting them. helps you take right choices when using Zepto app. Too Witty!

2. Zomato and It’s Hilarious Social Media Post

Zomato Mother's Day Post

With its headquarters located in India, Zomato is a global restaurant discovery and food delivery service that links customers with a variety of local restaurants and eating options. Zomato’s Marketing game is really strong, so they lived upto the expectations of their audiences. With a relatable humour, the Instagram post is a tribute to the superpower of moms where they know the location of everything which we incessantly search for. ‘Vahin toh Rakha hai, theek se dekh’.

3. Swiggy’s Creative Instagram Post on Mother’s Day

Swiggy Mother's Day Post

One of the most popular online food delivery service in India, Swiggy provides a simple and practical way for customers to purchase meals from a variety of nearby eateries. Coupons, discount offers, discount codes form the backbone of their business. Using that, Swiggy’s marketing team created Mother’s Day coupons to extract work out from children. Would you also buy this coupon to help your mom?

4. Boat Using Pop Reference To Celebrate Mother’s Day

BOAT Mother's Day Post

Leading Indian consumer electronics company Boat focuses on wearables, accessories, and audio devices. Boat Used pop meme reference and linked it to a relatable ‘Motherly’ thing. Comparing what Taylor Swift says through her lyrics and how your mother says the same thing in a different language is what Pop listeners using Boat wearable devices can definitely relate to.

5. Ola Electric’s and It’s Promotion on Mother’s Day

Ola Electric Mother's Day Post

The goal of Indian electric scooter maker Ola Electric is to create cost-effective, environmentally friendly scooters. Within the marketing campaign #BreakupWithPetrol, Ola Electric celebrated Mother’s Day in it’s own way by promoting it’s scooter and urging it’s audiences to ‘take a scooter at home to your Mom’.

6. 1mg and it’s Post full of Caring

1mg Mother's Day Post

Leading Indian online healthcare provider, now a Tata subsidiary, 1mg provides a variety of services, such as lab testing, teleconsultations, and medication delivery. 1mg’s Instagram post if filled with hygienic advises, medicinal experiences that we all had with our mothers when we were sick. A complete ‘dose’ of #Nostalgia. Pun Intended.

7. A tribute to Our AMMA-zing Moms by Dunzo

Dunzo Mother's Day Post

Dunzo is one of the top hyperlocal delivery services in India, and it helps people in cities transport essentials, packages, and food whenever they need them. Dunzo on Instagram commemorated the supermoms and their superpowers like finding everything, cooking in seconds, unlimited petting and others. It is ‘Celebrating all the AMMA-zing moms’ on this Mother’s Day.

8. MediBuddy celebrated Mother’s Day with an Appreciation Post

MediBuddy Mother's Day Post

Leading Indian digital healthcare platform MediBuddy offers full range of healthcare services, such as online prescription delivery, lab testing, and doctor consultations. MediBuddy curated an Instagram post full of acknowledgment ‘to our amazing moms who brings healing, comfort and care-24X7.’ We can’t deny that!

9. YourStory Has Mother’s Day Stories on their Instagram Post

YourStory Mother's Day Post

Prominent digital media outlet YourStory is devoted to offering in-depth reporting on company innovation, entrepreneur journeys, and startup stories. This Mother’s Day 2024, YourStory devoted their Instagram post to Promote startups that are empowering  Moms with knowledge, support and other tools to overcome challenges.

10. Delhivery and it’s Social Media Post

Delhivery Mother's Day Post

Delhivery is a top Indian provider of supply chain and logistics services, offering businesses complete end-to-end solutions. Delhivery is known for taking steps in Women empowerment, which is evident with it’s all women logistics hub in Sikar. This Mother’s Day, it is honoring all those mothers, who are a part of Delhivery, or working hard at home and at other companies, with it’s simple Instagram post of appreciation.

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