E-Commerce Startup Logistiex Secures A $250K Investment From PACE Family Office And Others

Logistiex Secures $250K Investment

Three points you will get to know in this article:

  • Logistiex receives $250K to boost product development and expand tech team.
  • Logistiex helps e-commerce sellers manage operations effectively.
  • Logistiex streamlines e-commerce backend with founders’ experience.

Introduction to Logistiex

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LogistieX is an intelligent platform that provides a comprehensive solution for the new age of commerce. It offers a unified seller platform, 3PL network solution, and self-managed network solution, all powered by AI-driven algorithms to maximize margins and deliver an exceptional customer experience. LogistieX was founded by a team of experts with over 100 years of collective experience in supply chain management, e-commerce retail, and platform development. The platform aims to simplify the supply chain dynamics, streamline order management, and enable businesses to scale their operations efficiently through its innovative SaaS-based solutions.

Logistiex Secures 250,000 in Bridge Funding

Modern ecommerce startup Logistiex has secured $250,000 in bridge funding, spearheaded by PACE Family Office and supported by prominent angel investors such as Siddhant Khemka. The funds will be utilized to enhance product development and grow the tech team. Previously, the company raised $425,000 in a pre-seed round last July.

Established in 2023 by Sarvartha Kanchan and Vineet Agarwal, Logistiex provides an all-encompassing solution for sellers to efficiently manage their e-commerce operations through its integrated system, the Logistiex Universal Platform, which is currently in its beta phase.

Logistiex Universal Platform Aims to Streamline E-commerce Backend

Kanchan highlighted, “Driven by our founding team’s extensive experience in technology and e-commerce, our approach delivers groundbreaking solutions such as unified seller and fulfillment platforms, designed to streamline the e-commerce backend in India. Our mission is to empower sellers to thrive in a multi-channel e-commerce environment.”

Logistiex Introduces Fulfillment Platform MVP, Sees Increased Adoption

Logistiex’s goal is to empower businesses to maximize their potential in the complex world of multi-channel e-commerce. Through their Logistiex Universal Platform, the company helps vendors efficiently manage their online storefronts with a single login. Recently, Logistiex introduced the minimum viable product (MVP) for its fulfillment platform, which has seen a considerable increase in system adoption.

Logistiex, a modern e-commerce startup, has secured $250,000 in bridge funding from PACE Family Office and prominent angel investors.  The funds will be used to enhance product development and grow the tech team. Established in 2023, Logistiex provides an integrated platform to help sellers efficiently manage their e-commerce operations. Driven by the founding team’s extensive experience, the company’s solutions aim to streamline the e-commerce backend in India and empower businesses to thrive in a multi-channel environment. Logistiex recently introduced the MVP for its fulfillment platform, which has seen considerable increase in system adoption.

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