Myntra Home Appoints Fashion Designer Masaba Gupta as Brand Ambassador

Masaba Gupta, brand ambassador for Myntra Home

Three points you will get to know in this article:

  • Masaba Gupta partners with Myntra Home for creative home products.
  • Masaba leads ‘Curated by Masaba’ campaign for premium home collection.
  • Myntra Home offers modern design products from top brands.

Masaba Gupta: Infusing Creative Flair into Myntra Home

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Myntra has revealed its partnership with Masaba Gupta, the celebrated fashion designer, beauty mogul, and actor, as the new face of Myntra Home. Renowned for her unique style and design expertise, Masaba will infuse her creative flair into the platform. She will curate a selection of home products that inspire trend-conscious customers to express their individuality through their living spaces.

Curated by Masaba Campaign: A Showcase of Premium Home Collection

In this collaboration, Masaba will lead the ‘Curated by Masaba’ campaign, spotlighting Myntra’s premium home collection. This campaign underscores Myntra’s commitment to delivering exceptional design aesthetics. The advertisement features Masaba Gupta and content creator Kusha Kapila, presenting curated home and living styles. Set at a vibrant party, the film humorously unveils the secret behind the guests’ admiration for the elegant home decor—Myntra’s home selection.

Myntra Home offers an extensive array of products including home furnishings, art and decor, lighting solutions, kitchen and dining essentials, bath items, bed linen, and appliances. These items come from prestigious brands like M&S Homes, H&M Homes, India Circus, My Trident, Urban Space, Elementary, D’Decor, and Nestasia. With over 400,000 styles from more than 1,500 domestic and international brands, Myntra guarantees a rich and varied selection.

Elevating the Shopping Experience with Modern Design Aesthetics

“This partnership aims to elevate the shopping experience by presenting a carefully curated assortment focused on modern design and aesthetics. Myntra’s user-friendly interface simplifies the exploration of home goods, facilitating effortless discovery for customers seeking inspiration to transform their living spaces into stylish sanctuaries. Highlighted collections such as ‘Cozy Bedroom’ and ‘Lovely Living Room’ offer themed decor ideas including ceramic diffusers, minimalist lighting, tropical cushions, and textured ottomans.”

Leadership comments By Masaba Gupta and Sunder Balasubramanian

Masaba Gupta shared her enthusiasm for the partnership, saying, “Home is a place where we can truly be ourselves, reflecting our heritage, values, and traditions. Being appointed as the brand ambassador for Myntra’s Home Category is about turning home decor into a powerful form of self-expression. This collaboration allows me to combine the personal journey of creating a home with innovative design aesthetics.”

Sunder Balasubramanian, Chief Marketing Officer of Myntra, expressed his excitement in welcoming the renowned creative force, Masaba Gupta, as the brand ambassador for Myntra Home. Highlighting the significance of home in one’s lifestyle, Balasubramanian emphasized that the expansion of the home category aligns perfectly with Myntra’s mission of making fashion and lifestyle accessible to all. He praised Masaba’s globally recognized design expertise and stated that Myntra is thrilled to showcase her unique sense of aesthetics through her curated collections, themes, and looks, in order to inspire customers.


Masaba Gupta’s partnership with Myntra Home signifies a fusion of her unique style and design expertise to inspire trend-conscious customers in expressing individuality through living spaces. Leading the ‘Curated by Masaba’ campaign, she showcases Myntra’s premium home collection, emphasizing exceptional design aesthetics. The extensive range of home products from prestigious brands on Myntra offers over 400,000 styles, reflecting modern design and user-friendly shopping experiences. This collaboration aims to elevate the significance of home decor as a powerful form of self-expression, aligning with Myntra’s mission of accessibility to fashion and lifestyle for all.

Neha Kamath

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