Flipkart’s Prabh Simran Singh and Sankalp Mehrotra to Resign

Prabh Simran Singh and Sankalp Mehrotra Flipkart VP

Three points you will get to know in this article:

  • Flipkart is seeing senior executives leave, impacting key strategies.
  • Departures in leadership show a shift towards entrepreneurship and smaller companies.
  • Flipkart appoints Sandeep Karwa to lead Ads division and launches IRIS for consumer insights.

Departures of Senior Executives at Flipkart

Prabh Simran Singh, the Senior Vice President of Customer Growth and Retention, Marketing, and Ads at Flipkart, along with Sankalp Mehrotra, the Vice President of Monetisation, are preparing to depart from the company in the upcoming weeks. As reported by Moneycontrol, both executives are currently fulfilling their notice periods.

Prabh Simran Singh's Tenure and Responsibilities at Flipkart

Prabh Simran Singh began his tenure at Flipkart in August 2022, following his experiences at Disney Hotstar and Google. His key responsibilities included driving customer growth and retention, as well as overseeing marketing and advertising initiatives. In contrast, Sankalp Mehrotra, a Flipkart veteran of over eight years, has concentrated on monetization strategies. Both play pivotal roles in enhancing Flipkart’s operations by boosting customer engagement and generating revenue through advertisements.

The departures of Singh and Mehrotra contribute to the increasing number of senior executives who have recently left Flipkart.

Numerous executives from major companies are departing to either launch their own businesses or join smaller firms. This pattern is reflective of a larger trend where seasoned leaders aim to grow small enterprises into prominent brands.

Trend of Senior Executives Departing Flipkart

In February, Sandeep Kohli, the Senior Vice President and head of data centers, departed Flipkart after a nine-year tenure. Around the same period, other key executives such as Amitesh Jha, Bharath Ram, Ayyappan R, and Dheeraj Aneja also left the company.

These departures are viewed as part of Flipkart’s approach to foster wealth creation and career development, allowing these individuals to advance to the next stages of their professional journeys.

Flipkart's Internal Restructuring and Appointments

Sandeep Karwa, currently Vice President of Flipkart Ads, has been named the new head of the division. With a tenure of over 12 years at Flipkart, Karwa has been instrumental in developing and expanding numerous business categories. Flipkart announced his appointment in a separate media release on May 20.

Flipkart's New Insights Platform: IRIS

Flipkart has launched a new insights platform, IRIS (Insights and Research Intelligence System), designed to help brands gain a deeper understanding of consumer behavior. This platform aims to deliver comprehensive reports on user behavior, market trends, and comparative analysis, benefiting homegrown direct-to-consumer and emerging brands.

Flipkart is experiencing a wave of senior executive departures, including the exits of Prabh Simran Singh and Sankalp Mehrotra, who played pivotal roles in driving customer growth, retention, and monetization. These changes are part of a broader trend seen across major companies, as seasoned leaders seek to launch their own ventures or join smaller firms. Amidst this transition, Flipkart has appointed Sandeep Karwa to lead its Ads division and launched a new consumer insights platform, IRIS, to help brands better understand market trends and consumer behavior. These organizational shifts signal Flipkart’s efforts to foster career development and leverage data-driven insights to enhance its operations.

Karan Balodi

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