Sportstech Startup Stupa Sports Analytics Secures Rs 28Cr In Pre-Series A Funding Round

Stupa Sports Analytics

Three points you will get to know in this article:

  • Stupa Sports Analytics raised Rs 28 crore for global sports tech goals.
  • Megha Gambhir and Deepak Malik founded an AI sports analysis company in 2020.
  • Stupa to use new funding for global expansion and hire top AI experts for sports tech solutions.

Introduction to Stupa Sports Analytics

Stupa Sports Analytics is a leading company revolutionizing the sports industry through cutting-edge technologies, particularly artificial intelligence and digitization. They offer a wide range of innovative products and services, including Stupa Events for comprehensive event management solutions, Stupa Cast for enhancing the sports viewing experience with AI-driven highlights, player bios, performance analytics, and engaging graphics, as well as services for media and data rights, event operations, streaming and production, VR/AR graphics for TV broadcast, and AI-based media highlights. Stupa Sports Analytics has established strategic partnerships with various sports organizations, such as the European Table Tennis Union (ETTU), the Slovenian Table Tennis Association (STTA), and Ultimate Table Tennis (UTT), and has received positive feedback from athletes, coaches, and sports commentators for their cutting-edge solutions.

Stupa Sports Analytics Secures Pre-Series A Funding

Gurugram’s sportstech startup, Stupa Sports Analytics, has raised Rs 28 crore in a pre-Series A funding round, with Centre Court Capital and PeerCapital leading the investment. This funding is a major milestone for Stupa, supporting its goal to bring its cutting-edge sports technology solutions to a global audience. Stupa Sports Analytics was founded in 2020 by Megha Gambhir and her husband, Deepak Malik, a former national coach for the Indian Table Tennis team.

The company provides a range of AI-powered solutions designed to enhance player performance analysis, improve broadcasting, and promote sports digitization.

Initially focusing on table tennis, Stupa Sports Analytics has expanded to include badminton and basketball, with plans to add tennis, pickleball, and volleyball. Their services cater to athletes, sports federations, broadcasters, and fans around the world.

Global Expansion and Hiring Plans

The startup intends to use the new funding to expand globally into key markets like the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, and the Middle East. They also plan to strengthen their footprint in Europe and Asia. Additionally, a portion of the funds will go towards hiring top-notch engineers, especially those with expertise in AI and machine learning, to create cutting-edge solutions in the sports-tech field.

Extensive Network of Partnerships

Stupa Sports Analytics proudly announces its extensive network of partnerships, boasting ties with more than 15 governing bodies and sports federations, primarily located in Europe. Among these esteemed collaborations are prominent names like the European Table Tennis Union, the International Table Tennis Federation, and the Slovenia Table Tennis Association.

Their innovative AI-powered solutions have garnered widespread adoption worldwide, with Megha Gambhir expressing enthusiasm, saying, “Our solutions are already making waves across more than 15 international federations. We’re thrilled to represent the spirit of ‘Make in India’ on the global stage of sports technology.”

Future Fundraising and Expansion Plans

In 2025, Stupa Sports Analytics is gearing up for another round of fundraising. The fresh influx of funds will fuel our efforts to leverage data and media rights for revenue, while also crafting a special segment that caters directly to players, coaches, and fans alike. Additionally, we aim to expand our range of sports disciplines even further.

Stupa Sports Analytics, a Gurugram-based sportstech startup, has raised Rs 28 crore in pre-Series A funding to fuel its global expansion. Founded in 2020 by Megha Gambhir and Deepak Malik, the company provides AI-powered solutions for performance analysis, broadcasting, and sports digitization. With plans to enter key markets like the US, UK, and Middle East, Stupa aims to strengthen its footprint in Europe and Asia. The funding will also support hiring top AI and ML experts to develop cutting-edge sports technology. Stupa’s innovative solutions have gained widespread adoption globally, representing the “Make in India” spirit in the global sports-tech landscape.

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