Hosting Provider FlexiCloud Internet Receives Strategic Investment from Ramoji Group

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Three points you will get to know in this article:

  • New funds for startup to expand market, improve customer service, and boost R&D.
  • Raoji Group entity aims to expand in Kerala with investment.
  • A growth rate of 18.54 % is expected for India’s cloud computing market by 2033.

Introduction to FlexiCloud

FlexiCloud is a hosting provider founded in 2017 by Vinod Chacko, and later in 2020, Anooja Bashir joined as a co-founder. The company serves over 2000 paid subscribers from 13 countries and hosts over 80,000 websites with over 500 servers. Their vision is to simplify cloud access for everyone, and their mission is to empower organizations and individuals to embrace the cloud at minimal cost. FlexiCloud values positive, solution-oriented, accountable, and customer-centric ideology. Diversity, equity, and inclusion are core principles for the company, supporting equal opportunities based on talent. The team includes Vinod Chacko as the founder, Anooja Bashir as the CEO and Co-Founder, and Binu Mathew as the CFO. FlexiCloud places a strong emphasis on customer satisfaction, customizability, and support, offering a reliable and positive hosting experience.

Ushodaya Enterprises' Strategic Investment in FlexiCloud Internet

Ushodaya Enterprises, the food manufacturing division of the esteemed Ramoji Group, has recently made a significant undisclosed investment in FlexiCloud Internet, a cloud hosting solutions provider based in Kochi. This strategic move aims to bolster FlexiCloud’s operations and propel its growth trajectory.

Thanks to this injection of capital, FlexiCloud is poised to enhance its market reach, elevate its customer service standards, and fuel its research and development endeavors. According to Binu Mathew, the CFO of FlexiCloud, this investment marks a pivotal moment, empowering the company to deliver state-of-the-art solutions that are both innovative and adaptable to evolving needs.

FlexiCloud: Pioneering Platform as a Service (PaaS) Startup

Established back in 2017 by Vinod Chacko, FlexiCloud stands out as a pioneering Platform as a Service (PaaS) startup. Their mission? To empower businesses in navigating the digital landscape with ease through their cloud solutions. With a focus on customization, strategic deployment, and comprehensive application management, FlexiCloud caters to the specific needs of enterprise clients.

Their impressive clientele includes renowned names like Harvard Medical School, Isuzu, and Times of India. In the competitive PaaS arena, FlexiCloud faces off against notable players such as Backup Guru, Fynd, and Palmtree Infotech.

Ushodaya Enterprises' Expansion Plans in Kerala

Since its establishment back in 1980, Ushodaya Enterprises has been busy crafting a delightful array of products like pickles, masalas, culinary pastes, and instant mixes, all proudly bearing the trademark Priya Foods.

Now, with a fresh infusion of investment, courtesy of the Raoji Group, our aim is to spread our wings further into the beautiful landscapes of Kerala. “We’re absolutely thrilled to make our grand entrance into Kerala through this strategic investment,” shared Karthik Vidyasagar, Ushodaya Enterprises’ chief investment advisor. “FlexiCloud’s commitment to innovation and putting customers first resonates perfectly with our own values.”

In addition to making strides in the Kerala market through this investment, the company is eyeing a foray into the burgeoning realm of cloud computing. A recent study by SPER market research forecasts that India’s cloud computing market will surge to $35.15 billion by 2033, boasting a solid compound annual growth rate of 18.54%.

It’s worth noting that this sector is largely dominated by tech titans like Google and Amazon, both of which have been intensifying their footprint in India. For example, Amazon Web Services (AWS) has pledged a hefty $12.7 billion investment in the country by 2030, earmarked for bolstering its cloud infrastructure.

Government Initiatives to Foster Cloud Computing Innovation

In June of last year, the Centre began working on a scheme to incentivize Indian companies, particularly MSMEs, to develop new cloud solutions in order to support the growth of domestic entities. This initiative aims to foster innovation and create opportunities for homegrown businesses in the technology sector.

Ushodaya Enterprises, a part of the Ramoji Group, has recently invested in FlexiCloud Internet, a PaaS startup. This strategic move aims to boost FlexiCloud’s operations, customer service, and research and development. FlexiCloud’s clientele includes prestigious names like Harvard Medical School and Times of India. With a newfound investment, Ushodaya Enterprises is set to expand its presence in Kerala, while also eyeing the burgeoning cloud computing market in India. This aligns with the government’s initiative to incentivize cloud solutions for domestic entities, in a market projected to surge to $35.15 billion by 2033.

Karan Balodi

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