Investment Firm Capria Ventures Shuts India Opportunity Fund at INR 153 Cr Following Awign Exit

Three points you will get to know in this article:

  • Mynavi acquires Awign stake from Capria Ventures and other investors.
  • Surya Mantha said Awign’s India Fund II had over 7x return on investment.
  • Capria Ventures has Betterplace Solutions, Masai School, and Cuemath in its portfolio.

Introduction to Capria Ventures

Capria is a global investment firm that provides capital and global collaboration to technology companies in the Global South. The organization aims to support the development of scalable and profitable businesses that can positively impact the lives of millions of people. Beyond providing financial backing, Capria offers mentorship, leveraging its extensive experience, industry insights, and networks to guide startups in refining strategies, enhancing operations, and effectively positioning themselves in the competitive market landscape. Capria’s mission is to foster innovation, drive job creation, and promote economic growth by transforming groundbreaking concepts into thriving enterprises that drive change and solve problems. The firm focuses its investments on businesses applying Generative AI in sectors such as Fintech, Healthtech, Edtech, Jobtech, Agtech, and SaaS, seeking innovators who are driving the digital transformation of the world’s fastest-growing economies.

Capria Ventures' India Opportunity Fund Successfully Closes at INR 153 Cr

Capria Ventures, the supporting force behind Betteplace Solutions, proudly declares the successful wrap-up of its fundraising efforts for the India Opportunity Fund, securing a whopping INR 153 Cr. This achievement shines against the backdrop of Capria Ventures’ recent full-cash exit from one of its invested ventures – Awign.

Today, Awign, based in Bengaluru, shared exciting news. A Japanese HRtech giant, Mynavi Corporation, has acquired a significant stake in the company through an all-cash deal, although specifics of the transaction remain undisclosed. This acquisition marks the complete withdrawal of Capria Ventures, along with other invested parties, from Awign’s journey.

After the departure, Surya Mantha, Managing Partner at Capria, expressed, “The acquisition of Awign by Mynavi not only paves the way for unexplored markets and opportunities for the company but also marks a significant success for our India Fund II. With this single exit, we’re set to return over half of the invested capital, showcasing a remarkable multiple on invested capital for Awign, exceeding seven times.

Capria Secures Initial Round of India Opportunity Fund

In early 2023, Capria made headlines by securing the initial round of its India Opportunity Fund, gathering a substantial INR 75 Cr. Originally known as the Unitus Ventures India Opportunity Fund, it underwent a rebranding later that year when Capria and Unitus combined their efforts under the unified Capria name.

Since then, Capria Ventures has been actively backing promising startups through its first and second funds. Notable beneficiaries of their support include Awign, BetterPlace, Cuemath, Eduvanz, and Masai. The firm has a keen eye for opportunities in fintech, HRtech, agritech, climatetech, and SaaS sectors, aiming to foster innovation and growth in these areas.

Capria operates from various global locations including Seattle, Bangalore, Buenos Aires, Nairobi, Jakarta, Mexico City, and Washington DC. It expertly oversees assets totaling over $207 million.

Kedara Capital Celebrates Successful Final Close of Kedaara IV at $1.73 Billion

Just this week, the renowned PE firm Kedara Capital celebrated the successful final close of its fourth investment fund, Kedaara IV, securing an impressive $1.73 billion. This achievement solidifies its position as the leading PE fund in the industry.

With this substantial capital injection, Kedara is gearing up to make impactful investments spanning multiple sectors such as banking, healthcare, consumer goods, and SaaS. Moreover, Kedaara Capital is actively seeking opportunities in both minority stake holdings and full acquisition deals, further diversifying its portfolio and strengthening its position in the market.

Norwest Ventures Wraps Up NVP 17 Fund Totaling $3 Billion

This week, Norwest Ventures, a prominent VC firm, made headlines by wrapping up its 17th fund, totaling a whopping $3 billion.

Dubbed NVP 17, this versatile fund is geared towards supporting startups in various sectors like enterprise technology, consumer goods, and healthcare. It’s set to spread its investments across three key markets: India, Israel, and the US.

Capria Ventures achieved a significant milestone by closing its India Opportunity Fund at INR 153 Cr after exiting Awign. The acquisition of Awign by Mynavi Corporation marked a successful return for Capria’s India Fund II. Furthermore, Kedara Capital has successfully completed the final close of Kedaara IV at 1.73 billion dollars, solidifying its position as a leading player in the Private Equity industry. Meanwhile, VenturES, with a fund size of 3 billion dollars, is dedicated to backing startups in diverse sectors in India, Israel, and the US. This underscores the sustained expansion and influence of these prominent investment firms on the global stage.

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