OLA: A Smart Start-up

Key Highlights

Bhavish Aggarwal in partner with Ankit Bhati started OLA Cabs.

Ola is now available in more than 180 cities in India

Ola has also build-up mobile app awareness to the common people

“Startups are like fingerprints, no two start-ups are alike” Before Uber was available in India, ANI technologies PVT Ltd organization introduced an application name ‘Ola Cabs’. It is an on-demand cab service, a cab is booked through a smartphone, basically a replica of Uber. Ola is following the strategy of expanding its operations and generating customers in various cities in India. They have segments for customers based on their preference such as OLA Luxury, Ola Prime, Ola share, Ola Auto. 

The customer has to order a cab through the smartphone and give the journey details such a Location and Cab preference and tap on Ride now. The request is routed via Ola’s server and is swift to all Ola Cab Driver’s Mobile Phone available near your location. If any driver accepts the ride, the customer gets a confirmation message with the driver and car details. Later, the customer can call the driver to complete their ride. 

OLA was found on 3rd December 2010 by two IIT Bombay graduates, Bhavish Aggarwal, and Ankit Bhati. In the past, Bhavish worked for Microsoft after college for two years. Later Bhavesh quit Microsoft to start an online company to sell short-duration tours and holidays online. In December 2010, Bhavish in partner with Ankit Bhati started OLA Cabs in Mumbai and is now based in Bangalore. Ola is now available in major cities like Delhi, Pune, Chennai, Hyderabad, and 180+ cities. Last year Ola expanded to the overseas market and started it in Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom. 

OLA Cabs is today among the rapid growing start-ups in India in a short period and dominating the Indian cab service market over Uber. Ola has also build-up mobile app awareness to the common people through the launch of a customized mobile-specific technique name as “App Analytics”. The techniques help to measure the performance of the driver in a particular city or area.

Ola’s ad campaigns are also an essential part of their marketing strategy. Promotion through social media platforms by promotion services such as Rs. 6/per km, Ola outstation, Ola peddle, and also its tagline ”Chalo Niklo”. They have also promoted themselves with new-age production houses and short films such as TVF, AIB, Rear View.

In a recent study, it has confirmed that the average user of Ola cabs is of 20-25 years of age, mainly working in corporate companies and need cabs to pick them up and drop them to the office. With more than 8,00,000 customers every day and 10,00,000 drivers joining the platform. Ola has now more 600 employees. The brand is now valued more than $ 5 Billion and listed as 30 in under 30 lists of Forbes.

Recently, The viral images of British drivers are seen wearing a neon green uniform and driving tuk-tuk in the streets of the UK. A team of bright green Piaggio and world’s largest auto-rickshaw manufacturer Bajaj auto-rickshaws was introduced on 22nd March in Northwest England. The company offered free rides on its opening day around the city centre. Ola has also offered a 50% discount to the customers who downloaded the application before the end of April. The launch of tuk-tuk rides in England was a part of the launch of Ola’s service in Merseyside.

This new launch grabbed a lot of attention as seeing tuk-tuk in the streets of the UK is Bizarre. One of India’s most used source of transportation, Tuk-Tuk, had a great and exciting launch in Great Britain. The concept of a tuk-tuk is a very rare experience for British travelers. The three-wheeled scooter is an essential mode of transportation in India and it made the Indian community living in Liverpool feel like home.

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