Ola backed VOGO steps towards electric scooters

Key Highlights

Ola and Rapido cease bike taxis’ operation in Karnataka.

VOGO offers on-demand dockless, scooter-rental services where charges are levied per kilometer and/or per minute.

VOGO operates 200 electric scooters out of 5000 scooters in its fleet.


Ride-hailing segment is enhancing tremendously and ride handling behemoths Ola and Uber after handling 4 – 5 Million rides a day are becoming a crucial part of Indian mobility space especially in metropolitan cities of India. But micro mobility space covers 66% i.e. a major part of total trips. Therefore there are still enormous opportunities in the micro mobility area.

Ola and Uber too entered into bike taxi services in India following which several other startups also entered into scooter and bike sharing business. However, just the bifurcation of the cars market into ride-hailing/sharing companies such as Uber, and self-drive car rental service platforms such as Zoomcar, the two-wheeler ride servicing platforms are also broken into models with platforms offering bike taxis (Rapido) and platforms offering on-demand rental services (VOGO).

Bengaluru being Silicon Valley of India is the hub of several startups and several two-wheeler ride servicing startups including QuickRides, Bounce (Metro Bikes), Wheelstreet, Yulu, Fae Bikes, and several other startups have also initiated their journey from Bengaluru. While other startups who commenced their journey apart from Bengaluru include Mobycy and Baxi which are headquartered in Gurugram. Since micro mobility space has to deal with several challenges including carbon footprint, and policy-related hurdles. Recently, the Karnataka state government had asked Ola and Rapido to cease bike taxis’ operation due to the fact that the state has no policy for bike taxis and the government thus has termed bike taxis illegal. Vogo succeeds in maintaining its position in bike-sharing and rental space.

Bengaluru based Vogo was founded in 2016 by Padmanabhan Balakrishnan, Anand Ayyadurai and Sanchit Mittal. The startup raised $100 Million from Ola in December last year.

Vogo is growing 10 times since its execution. It initiated its journey by a fleet of cars and scooters and then squeezed its operation to scooter only model. VOGO offers on-demand dockless, scooter-rental services where charges are levied per kilometer and/or per minute. The company has also filed patents for its innovations, which provides it a lot more customer-friendly. For instance, their app which earlier used OTP to authenticate bookings now uses Bluetooth to unlock the parked scooters, which assists in reducing friction for the customers.

Vogo provides its services in Hyderabad and Bengaluru and has 5000 scooters out of which 200 scooters are electric. The startup is enhancing the use of more electric scooters and going to launch in Tier 2 cities including Mysore.

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Himanshu Gupta

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