Tengai an AI-based robot soon to be seen recruiting humans for job

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Sweden’s Furhat Robotics has built an AI-based robot Tengai for face to face interaction.

TNG going to put Tancent into recruitment sector from May 2019

Tengai can smile, blink its eyes or raise eyebrows and show signs of anger.

Technology is enhancing aggressively and present era has emerged as a heroic era of innovation. Artificial intelligence and machine learning are grabbing the technological world. Each and everything is getting automatic. Robots are emerging as companions to humans in several sectors. They are assisting humans in doing tough and extraordinary tasks in an astounding way that humans are not able to do. So humans are in the dilemma of being faded off of the market and getting unemployed because of robots. But it’s false thinking of theirs because robots are the innovative invention of humans and they are meant to ease our work and save our time and valor. 

Application of Robots is enhancing in each sector soon it would be found in the recruitment industry too. Sweden’s Furhat Robotics has built an AI-based robot for face to face interaction. This robot is named as Tengai. It will soon initiate hiring workforce for companies by interviewing them without any discrimination and biases that humans might create during the recruitment process.

Tengai looks similar to human face it has nose, eyes, and lips but does not have legs and hands.

It seems awkward to listen but if Tengai is placed in front of any person it can talk, listen and communicate with anyone with making eye contact. It also has the ability to make expressions as if humans. It can smile, blink its eyes or raise eyebrows and show signs of anger as according to the situation. It can also bring any voice of male and female. It could serve as a companion in airports and malls in training peoples. TNG a Swedish recruitment agency is putting Tengai into the recruitment sector. They are training Tengai to shortlist the right candidate and interview him without taking in consideration to its gender or way of talking. In Sweden, the recruitment industry is facing several problems. 73% of the citizens of Sweden feel they are rejected from a job due to biases. 

From October last year, TNG is training Tengai in test interview to validate its the ability to remove all kinds of biases. It is going to start a real interview for the agency from May this year. Initially, Tengai will not solely take interview it will only take answers from several interviewees and deliver it to interviewer so that they can choose most appropriate candidate according to answers. Finally, YNG and Furhat are in the wish to train Tengai to that instant that it can interview and select candidates for next level by its own.

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Himanshu Gupta

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