Apple buys AI voice startup Pullstring, to enter into Barbie voice technology

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Key Highlights

Pullstring has raised $ 44 million till now.

The deal between Apple and Pullstring is worth $30 Million.

Apple is buying Pullstring to boost the functioning of Apple’s Siri technology.

Pullstring raised $160 Million from CRV, First round, True Ventures, Grey lock, and Khosla Ventures previously.


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Apple has bought Pullstring also called Toy Talk to make talking talks, a part of Siri Homepad and its voice strategy. Pullstring was founded in 2011 by former Pixar executives raised 44 million. The startup builds voice experience design tools. It uses artificial intelligence to power these tools and makes toys including talking Barbie and Thomas the tech engine toys in partnership with Mattel. Pullstring performs its action on Google Home Assistant platforms and Alexa. It also has a software power Hello Barbie, the talking version of matte dolls that can talk with children.

The deal worth $30 Million between Apple and Pullstring could be able to make Apple’s Siri compete with other voice-activated services in the market.a

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Apple’s Siri technology is getting far behind Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa not only in voice recognition technology but also in respect of developer. Google and Amazon have developed platforms to use skills of tons of voice app developers including quizzes, storytelling and other games for kids. If Apple wants to become the loving heart of every child then it is needed to play wisely in the living room connected to Siri and HomePod. As estimation buying Pullstring could jumpstart Apple’s in house register of speech-activated toys for kids. Pullstring will also boost up it’s a tool for voice developers.

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Pullstring raised its cash from investors including CRV, First round, True Ventures, Grey lock, and Khosla Ventures in its series D round of funding 2016. It was its last round of funding and Pitchbook valued the company of $160 Million. Now voice tech market has been elaborated and it is becoming a matter of concern for voice tech developers to earn money without accompanying physical products and apart from this various organizations are in dilemma what to build with tools like offered by Pullstring. But Pullstring has an innovative approach towards voice tech tools and this made it close to a bright future with Apple, strengthening one of the most quotidian though also most execrate voice experience.

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