40 eminent entrepreneurs joined hands to set up STEM University at Mohali

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40 eminent entrepreneurs and chief industry executives are investing in 2,000 crore for establishing a STEM University.

STEM University is focused on science and technology at its core and encouraging entrepreneurship.

The university is focused to catalyze 1,000 startups in future

400 crore is already assigned till now to initiate the project.

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The present era is the amorphous zone of innovation. Investors and government are highly appraising innovative ideas to plunk a graceful and high-tech future. In the same move, 40 eminent entrepreneurs and chief industry executives have shaken hands to contribute Rs. 2,000 crore for establishing a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and math) university, Plaksha (Tree of knowledge). Entrepreneurs have grouped together to establish a university with the vision to promote entrepreneurship, innovation and quality research. This proposed huge amount is fourth times of money spent by the government to set up an IIT.

Vineet Gupta a fund contributor and education entrepreneur said, “The project is set to focus on innovation and entrepreneurship and solving out India’s largest challenges through applied research. The university is focused to catalyze 1,000 startups in the future.”

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The university is set to build up in Mohali, Punjab at a huge area of 50 acres with emphasizing on core engineering, machine learning, Mathematics, and artificial intelligence. The University is also trying to focus on promoting interdisciplinary learning by combining liberal arts with science.

The Group has already assigned Rs. 400 crore for the project and is constituted of various members including Info Edge Ltd, Naukri.com director Hitesh Oberoi, Hellion Ventures’ co-founder Ashish Gupta, Tech Mahindra’s C.P. Gurnani, Genpact’s chairman and Clix capital, Pramod Bhasin, Warburg Pincus UK partner, Vineet Gupta, Dilip Pathak and D’Décor’s managing director Ajay Arora.

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Venerate academics such as Harvard’s Ashish Nanda, MIT’s Anant Agarwal, Arvind Raman of Purdue University and S. Shankar Sastry of the University of California-Berkeley have joined the advisory board of Plaksha. Many foreign renowned universities including Stanford Research Institute and Purdue University have joined Plaksha’s advisory board.

According to contributors Plaksha will focus on educational approach and will boost students for entrepreneurship and leadership in companies. University is focusing on putting science and technology at its core and encouraging future generations to become an entrepreneur.

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