How Indian Startups Celebrated Father’s Day 2024

How Indian Startups Celebrated Father’s Day 2024

Celebrated worldwide on the third Sunday in June, Father’s Day pays tribute to fathers and father figures and acknowledges their invaluable contributions to families and society. This day offers a chance to show gratitude with presents, unique events, and heartfelt tributes.

Father’s Day presents a great opportunity for brands to interact with consumers and increase sales. Businesses use this holiday to promote goods and services—like technology, tools, clothing, and experiences—that dads might find appealing. Special offers, discounts, branded commercials, and focused social media campaigns are examples of marketing tactics. Brands hope to increase revenue and consumer loyalty by capitalizing on the sentimental significance of the day, all the while aligning with family- and appreciation-oriented values.

Now, we must explore Indian Startups which have led the marketing game and capitalized upon the Father’s Day 2024:

1. Social media post of Zomato

Zomato Father’s Day Post

Zomato is an international meal delivery and restaurant aggregator startup based in India. Father is the person who always says “you don’t need this beta” and then end up buying you the thing. Zomato’s USP is the relatable humour filled post and it has stood up to it’s reputation again with Indian dad wit. Classic Zomato!

2. Urban Company’s Initiative on Father’s Day

Urban Company Father’s Day Post

A digital platform called Urban Company provides a range of services that can be done from home. Clients book services including massage therapy, hair styling, facials, carpentry, plumbing, painting, and appliance repair via their platform. Urban company took an emotional initiative ‘surprise some dads this Father’s Day’. They surprised their service partners by showing them videos of their children with ‘love you dad’ wishes which children hardly say or are too hesitant to say.

3. Paytm’s Father’s Day 2024 Instagram Post

The Indian multinational financial technology business Paytm, which stands for “pay through mobile,” is headquartered in Noida, India and specializes in digital payments and financial services. On this Father’s Day, Paytm has integrated real-time payment and comic delivery with a chat between father and a son. Hilarious representation of buying a gift for father from father’s money. We have all been there.

4. Delhivery’s Creative Social Media Post On Father’s Day

Delhivery Father’s Day Post

Delhivery Limited is India’s biggest integrated provider of third-party logistics services. This Father’s Day, Delhivery came up with creative graphics commemorating their hardworking truck fleet drivers and a father within them. A father bringing food to their family’s table and smoothly bringing goods to places. #Superhero

5. Tata 1mg’s Social Media Campaign on Father’s Day 2024

TATA 1mg Father’s Day Post

The healthcare platform Tata 1mg, formerly known as 1mg, is situated in Gurugram, India. It offers e-pharmacy, diagnostics, e-consultations, and health content, among other services. 1mg kickstarted a campaign #papakehtehain where they asked their employees what their fathers have taught them that they religiously follow till date. 1mg added humane touch to their marketing strategy.

6. Zepto Collaborated with theindianidiot this Father’s Day

Zepto Father’s Day Post

Zepto is an Indian quick-commerce business that specializes in food delivery and groceries. Zepto, which was established in 2020 and debuted in July 2021, gained notoriety as one of the fastest-growing tech businesses in Indian history. Line of posts filled with emotions that we children don’t usually convey to our fathers. For us, zepto has a message ‘iss baar I love you bol hi do’.

7. Father’s Day Collaboration of Groww With cuppadoodle

Groww Father’s Day Post

Groww is a trading and investment platform for many marketplaces that operates through apps. Users can trade and invest in mutual funds, equities, futures, and options, among other things. Groww collaborates with cuppadoodle on Father’s Day 2024 to enhance their content marketing. It urges it’s users to save and gift fathers in the same way they used to save and bring us gifts.

8. Cars24 With a Quiz Campaign On Father’s Day 2024

Cars24 Father’s Day Post

With its headquarters located in Gurgaon, CARS24 is a multinational Indian online marketplace for used cars. The business is regarded as one of India’s four main organized participants in the used car market. Cars24 launched a quiz campaign ‘baap of all cars’ where they bring fathers to ask them which car they consider as ‘baap’ (in English ‘father’). Who’s a better judge of cars than a father who has seen generations of changes in automobile industry.

9. Rapido’s Father’s Day Social Media Post

Rapido Father’s Day Post

Rapido is an Indian ride-hailing service that functions mostly as an intermediary for bike taxis. Its services also include parcel delivery, third-party logistics, and the ability to hail auto rickshaws and taxis. Which Family member cares about you the most but doesn’t show it? Obviously our Father. Paying tribute to the fathers out there, Rapido adds little ‘👍’ humour with it.

10. Boat’s Funny Take On Father’s Day 2024

Boat Father’s Day Post

Boat is an internet-first company that sells electrical goods in several categories. Smartwatches, hair trimmers, Bluetooth speakers, earbuds, headphones, portable chargers, and cables are all included in the product catalog. Boat has come up with a sarcastic Instagram post to taunt the sons and their laidback attitude in a ‘melodious’ way through lyrics. Couldn’t have used a better song!

When it comes to re-establishing their brands and marketing their company image, most companies make use of social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. For each business to survive, maintaining its brand is crucial. We hope you liked the post. Know us in the comments section!!

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