Healthy Master Raised INR 50 Lakh at Shark Tank India 2.0

Healthy Master on Shark Tank India

Three points you will get to know in this article:

  • Healthy Master offers over 250 natural snacks, from mild to spicy, including popular.
  • Healthy Master projects 8.25 crores in sales this year, with different profit margins for B2C, D2C, and B2B sales.
  • Healthy Master secured 50 lakh rupees for 6.5% equity to promote health awareness.

Shark Tank India Featured Healthy Master

Healthy Master logo

Healthy Master is a big company in India that makes snacks. They use natural things like nuts, seeds, berries, soy flour, oats, and millets to make their snacks. They have more than 250 different types of snacks for the whole family. Their snacks range from not very spicy to very spicy, and from healthy to a little oily. They use only a small amount of oil in their snacks, so they are almost oil-free. One of their popular snacks called Bhakarwadi is made without oil at all. They also make three kinds of bars: chocobar, protein bar, and energy bar. These bars have no sugar or sugar substitutes in them. So, they are good for people who want to avoid sugar.

Dipti Singhal - Healthy Master Founder

Healthy Master was started by three people named Dipti Singhal, Shivali Garg, and Tarun Agarwal. Dipti and Shivali are friends who live next to each other in Bangalore. They have known each other since 2008 and they started the company together in 2019. Tarun, who is the CEO of the company, did his MBA from Udaipur and used to work at Cipla Pharmacy for 10 years.

Healthy Master Business Statistics

In the past few years, their sales have been increasing. In 2019-20, they made 31 lakhs rupees in sales. The next year, they made 1.21 crores, and the year after that, they made 1.41 crores. So far this year, they have made 60 lakhs in sales. They are expected to make 8.25 crores in total sales by the end of the year. They sell their products in different ways. 45% of their sales come from selling directly to customers (B2C), 42% from selling online (D2C), and 13% from other places. The cost of acquiring each customer (CAC) is around 515 rupees. On average, customers spend 1250 rupees per order, but one person named Aman disagrees with this information. The profit they make on each type of sale is different. For sales to other businesses (B2B), their profit margin is 30%. For direct sales to customers (D2C), the profit margin is 60%. On average, across all types of sales, the profit margin is 45%. Every month, the company spends 2 lakhs rupees on various expenses. The company’s ownership is divided, with 50% belonging to Tarun and 45% to Deepti.

Healthy Master at Shark Tank India

Healthy Master went on a TV show called Shark Tank to ask for investment money. The pitcher asked for 50 lakh rupees in exchange for 2% of the company. Then, Vineeta, who was interested in investing, offered 50 lakh rupees for 7.1% of the company. The person from Healthy Master then suggested a counter offer of 50 lakh rupees for 6% of the company. Vineeta then offered 50 lakh rupees for 6.5% of the company, and they finally agreed on that deal. So now, Vineeta has invested 50 lakh rupees and owns 6.5% of Healthy Master.

What Problem Do Healthy Master Solve?

They know that sometimes it’s hard to give up on tasty junk food, but they found a way to make it easier to add some healthy and tasty options into your diet. Their main goal is to help people overcome unhealthy eating habits and make healthy living a normal part of life. They want to spread awareness about health in schools, colleges, and workplaces. Basically, they want to inspire everyone to make small changes for a healthier lifestyle.

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Karan Balodi

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