Shark Tank India-Featured Honey Twigs, Innovative Honey Packaging and Sustainable Sourcing

Honey Twigs on Shark Tank India

Three points you will get to know in this article:

  • Honey Twigs offers natural, flavored honey, responsibly sourced and lab-tested.
  • Honey Twigs aims for ₹6-9 crore sales in 2023-2024.
  • Company got ₹75 lakh investment on Shark Tank India for 3% equity at ₹25 crore valuation.

Shark Tank India Featured Honey Twigs

Honey Twigs logo

Honey Twigs is a company that has changed how honey is packaged and eaten. They focus on giving people honey that can be eaten without making a mess, can be taken anywhere, and eaten anytime. The company offers different types of honey, including two natural kinds and five flavored types. The ingredients used in their honey are sourced responsibly, and they are tested in a lab to make sure they are safe. This makes Honey Twigs a brand that doesn’t add to plastic waste.

About Product : Honey Twigs

Honey Twigs Lemon-Infused Honey, which is rich in Vitamin C and lemon essence. It’s a healthy addition to your morning routine without any artificial flavors or added sugars. The honey is sourced from the Himalayas and comes in convenient teaspoon servings for easy use. It’s a pure and clean substitute for regular sugar. The brand offers a Variety Gift Pack with six different honey flavors for you to enjoy. The honey twigs provide a neat and sweet alternative to sugar, and they are responsibly sourced and tested. Overall, it’s a gift of high-quality and pure honey from the Himalayas for you to enjoy and share.

Founders of Honey Twigs

Paras Fatnani is one of the co-founders who has a diploma in event management and a bachelor’s degree in commerce. He studied Design Thinking & Creativity for Business at the University of Westminster and gained leadership skills at INSEAD. Paras also manages the SEED Global Education business.

Another co-founder, Jigar Mehta, has a master’s degree in Marketing and Communication from the University of Westminster and has previous marketing experience.

Prafull Dwivedi, the third co-founder, holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Allahabad, a master’s degree from Symbiosis International University, and has experience in leadership roles at VLCC.

Honey Twigs: Business Statistics

Honey Twigs sells regular honey at ₹100-₹120, premium honey at ₹300-₹350, and their own product, Honey Twigs, for ₹200. The company’s sales were ₹1.3 crore in the financial year 2020-2021, increased to ₹2.6 crore in 2021-2022, and a projected ₹6-9 crore for 2023-2024. The monthly sales for June ’23 were ₹55 lakhs, July ’23 were ₹18 lakhs, August ’23 were ₹35 lakhs, and September ’23 were ₹35 lakhs. The sales are divided into 65% domestic and 35% international.

Honey Twigs : Equity Structure and Shark Tank Deal

The ownership of Honey Twigs is divided among key individuals, with Paras Fatnani and Jigar Mehta owning 36% each, Prafull Dwivedi owning 5%, Angels owning 10%, and Strategic Investors owning 13%. During their appearance on Shark Tank India, the company made a deal with three Sharks, Peyush Bansal, Ritesh Agrawal, and Anupam Mittal. The deal involved an investment of ₹75 lakh for 3% equity, which valued the business at ₹25 crore.

Honey Twigs' Target Market and Marketing Strategy

Company’s target market, which is estimated to be ₹1,200 crores, representing a 1% share of the market in the following 3 years 3 . The ideal target audience for the company are health-conscious individuals aged 18-45, especially those in urban and semi-urban areas with higher disposable income, who are interested in natural and innovative food products. Talking about marketing strategy, which is focused on positioning Honey Twigs as the top choice for convenient and natural honey consumption through digital platforms, collaborations with health influencers, and engaging content creation strategies.

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Karan Balodi

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