Tiggle Indian Hot Chocolate Brand’s Journey from Shark Tank India to Nationwide Success

Tiggle on Shark Tank India

Three points you will get to know in this article:

  • Tiggle grown from a simple idea into a fast-growing community-focused business.
  • Tiggle founder Anuva got 50 lakh on Shark Tank India Season 3 from Sharks Peyush and Amit.
  • Tiggle operates with a virtual office, lacks investors, and ranks last in the market.

Shark Tank India Featured Tiggle

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into a fast-growing, community-focused business delivering high-quality, artisanal hot chocolate across the country. The hot chocolate having a rich, melted chocolate taste without any added chemicals or preservatives. Company offers a diverse selection of flavored and unflavored hot chocolate mixes, providing consumers with the convenience of finding all varieties of hot chocolate in one location.

Origins and The Journey of Tiggle

The idea for Tiggle came about in 2019 when Anuva, who was working as a content creator, had a craving for delicious and affordable hot chocolate. Anuva started experimenting with recipes and decided to test the market by selling hot chocolate on the streets of Delhi. This initial trial was a success, with Anuva selling out 30 cups a day.

After the initial street-side sales, Anuva collaborated with kiosks but was only able to sell 30-40 cups a day. The COVID-19 pandemic then shut down the business completely, leading Anuva to use the lockdown period to refine the product. In November 2020, Tiggle launched online and has since grown rapidly, now delivering over 5 million cups of hot chocolate.

Tiggle : Pitch Story at Shark Tank India

Anuva, an entrepreneur, appeared on Shark Tank India Season 3 to pitch her company Tiggle’s products. The Sharks were impressed by Anuva’s business skills and the taste of her products.  Anuva asked the Sharks for a 50 lakh investment in exchange for a 5% equity stake in her company.  Shark Amit Jain offered 20 lakh  for 5% equity, plus a 30 lakh  loan with a 15% interest rate for 3 years. Another Shark, Peyush, countered with an offer of 50 lakh  for a 20% equity stake, plus a 1% royalty on sales until 1 Crore  is recovered. Amit later joined Peyush’s offer, increasing the royalty to 2%. Anuva proposed a counteroffer of 15% equity, but Peyush declined. 3 The final deal was that Peyush and Amit invested 50 lakh for a 20% equity stake, along with a 2% royalty until 1 Crore is recouped.

The Team: Tiggle

  • Tiggle is no longer a one-person operation. Anuva has partnered with skilled women at a manufacturing unit in Agra to produce the Tiggle hot chocolate packets.
  • The brand also has a virtual office with many “awesome folks” working to grow the business.

Sectors and Market Segments Tiggle operate in

Tiggle operates in the food and agriculture industry, as well as the broader consumer goods market, providing products and services to individual consumers.

Funding and Investors of Tiggle

Tiggle has not secured any funding rounds to date, and there are currently no institutional or angel investors involved with the company.

Competitors of Tiggle

Tiggle has a total of 119 competitors in the market. It ranks 119th among these competitors, which means it is the least successful or established company in this group. Only 1 of Tiggle’s competitors is currently funded, while 4 have already exited the market (likely been acquired or gone out of business).

Tiggle's top 3 competitors

  • Lotte India – A manufacturer and marketer of confectionery goods, founded in 2004 and located in Chennai, India. It is also an unfunded company.
  • Paul And Mike – Brand of chocolates, founded in 2012 and located in Ernakulam, India. It is also an unfunded company.
  • Hershey India – A manufacturer of confectionery and beverage products, founded in 1997 and located in Mumbai, India. It is also an unfunded company.

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Neha Kamath

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