Decode Age Shines on Shark Tank India with Groundbreaking Longevity Solutions

Decode Age in Shark Tank India

Three points you will get to know in this article:

  • Decode Age focuses on longevity and age-related health with supplements and tests.
  • Decode Age secured ₹1 crore deal with Anupam for 2.25% equity and 1% royalty.
  • Decode Age raised $122,000, competes with Elysium, Amazentis.

Shark Tank India Featured Decode Age

Decode Age logo

Decode Age is an online platform that focuses on longevity and age-related health. It is a research-based platform that studies the factors contributing to aging in humans. Decode Age offers science-backed supplements and predictive tests to help people understand and manage their aging health. Decode Age offers a range of personalized products, from testing to education to supplements, that are designed to support individuals at every stage of their life as they age. Decode Age stands out in the realm of gut microbiome research. They have a state-of-the-art Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) Lab and a team of experts specializing in bioinformatics and microbiome research.

Leadership Team: Decode Age

Decode Age was founded by Parth Amin, Darshit Patel, and Rakesh Somani, who come from diverse backgrounds but are united by their passion for longevity and health. The company also has Dr. Ohad Manor, an expert in computational biology and data science, as a key scientific advisor.

Mission and Vision : Decode Age

Decode Age has successfully secured a deal for INR 1 Crore in exchange for 2.25% equity and 1% royalty, with a clause stipulating that this arrangement will continue until INR 1.5 Crores is recovered from Anupam Mittal. This investment serves as a validation of Decode Age’s innovative approach to longevity, and positions the brand to have a meaningful impact on promoting healthy aging throughout India.

Sectors and Market Segments Decode Age Operate In

Decode Age operates in the Business-to-Consumer sector within the Life Sciences industry segments.

Funding Decode Age Raised Till date

Decode Age has raised a total of $122,000 in funding over 1 round. Their latest funding round was a Seed round that occurred on July 30, 2022, where they raised $122,000. This latest funding round had 15 investors participate, and was lead by IVY Growth Associates, Nine Spar Partner, and Vikas Gupta.

Investors in Decode Age

Decode Age has a mix of institutional and individual investors who have provided funding to the company. The institutional investors make up the majority of the investment, with SID being the largest of these. The company also has a group of angel investors, led by Vikas Gupta, who have also contributed funding.

Competitors of Decode Age

It has a total of 29 competitors, and it ranks 5th among them. Out of Decode Age’s competitors, 9 are funded companies, while 2 have already been acquired or gone public.  In total, Decode Age and its competitors have raised over $149 million in funding across 18 funding rounds, involving 40 different investors.

Decode Age's top 3 competitors

  • Elysium – A developer and manufacturer of cellular health supplements. It is the top-ranked competitor and is considered a “soonicorn” (a company on the verge of becoming a unicorn).
  • Amazentis – A company developing nutritional products to slow aging and improve quality of life.
  • Timeline Nutrition – A developer of nutritional supplements for various health ailments.

Shareholders of Decode Age

  • Founders: They own 93.93% of the company’s shares, which is worth around INR 61.9 crore.
  • Fund: They own 0.97% of the shares.
  • Angel: They own 0.85% of the shares.
  • Other Investors: They own 0.15% of the shares.
  • Enterprise: They own 0.13% of the shares.

Shark Tank India has become a game-changer for the startup ecosystem, offering a unique opportunity for entrepreneurs to receive financial backing and strategic advice from some of the country’s most successful business leaders.

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