Delhivery Collaborates with SUGAR Cosmetics for Nationwide B2B Logistics

Delhivery Collaborates with SUGAR Cosmetics

Three points you will get to know in this article:

  • Delhivery partners with SUGAR Cosmetics for B2B operations, using Delhivery’s network and tech.
  • SUGAR Cosmetics benefits from Delhivery’s strong B2B logistics.
  • Delhivery to launch drone-focused subsidiary, Delhivery Robotics.

Delhivery and SUGAR Cosmetics Partnership

Gurugram’s logistics company Delhivery has joined forces with SUGAR Cosmetics, led by Vineeta Singh, to lead comprehensive B2B operations across India. Delhivery noted its long-term partnership with the brand in providing D2C express parcel delivery. The company highlighted that its vast network, tech-driven solutions, and express Part Truck Load (PTL) services will expedite B2B shipments, enhancing SUGAR Cosmetics’ ability to serve its retail partners efficiently.

Amartya Guha, Vice President of Supply Chain at SUGAR Cosmetics, expressed that the company is experiencing significant growth and requires a logistics partner who understands the needs of the digital native generation. Delhivery’s advanced express part truckload (PTL) services ensure timely delivery of B2B shipments at e-commerce speed. Their user-friendly client dashboard, Delhivery One, offers complete visibility of shipments throughout India, giving SUGAR Cosmetics a competitive advantage.

Delhivery's Competitive Edge in B2B Logistics

Varun Bakshi, the leader of Delhivery’s Express Part Truckload division, emphasized, “Our innovative mesh network design, combined B2B and B2C linehaul, automated sortation systems, and rapid turnaround of tractor trailers provide us with a distinct competitive edge. Brands like SUGAR Cosmetics, which implement an omnichannel approach, greatly benefit from our express PTL service for swift stock replenishment and enhanced availability, driving their retail expansion across India.”

SUGAR Cosmetics, founded in 2015 by Vineeta Singh and Kaushik Mukherjee, has quickly risen to become the third-largest color cosmetics brand in India. Originally starting as a direct-to-consumer e-commerce business, the company has transitioned to an omnichannel model, prioritizing significant B2B shipments. Alongside its strong online presence, SUGAR Cosmetics boasts over 45,000 retail touchpoints across more than 550 cities in India.

Delhivery's Diverse Logistics Services

Delhivery offers an extensive array of logistics services, encompassing express parcel transportation, PTL freight, TL freight, cross-border solutions, supply chain management, and technology services. Since its founding, Delhivery has successfully handled over 2.7 billion shipments and currently collaborates with more than 30,000 customers, which include a mix of large and small e-commerce businesses, SMEs, and various other enterprises and brands.

Delhivery's Foray into Drone Delivery

Recently, Delhivery revealed plans to venture into the drone manufacturing and delivery services sector by establishing a new subsidiary. This new entity, named Delhivery Robotics Private Limited, will be a wholly-owned subsidiary with an initial authorized capital of Rs 5 crore.

Gurugram-based logistics company Delhivery has partnered with SUGAR Cosmetics to streamline their comprehensive B2B operations across India. Delhivery’s extensive network, tech-driven solutions, and express PTL services will expedite SUGAR’s B2B shipments, enhancing their ability to serve retail partners efficiently. SUGAR, a fast-growing omnichannel cosmetics brand, benefits from Delhivery’s competitive edge in B2B logistics, including innovative mesh network design and automated sortation. Additionally, Delhivery has plans to enter the drone manufacturing and delivery services sector through a new subsidiary, Delhivery Robotics Private Limited, further expanding its logistics capabilities.

Peenak Maheshwari

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