C3 Med-Tech Raises Rs 2Cr for Telemedicine and AI Eye Screening Devices

C3 Med-Tech secures Rs 2Cr

Three points you will get to know in this article:

  • C3 Med-Tech secures Rs 2 crore for AI telemedicine focusing on eye screenings.
  • Investing in global expansion, fighting preventable blindness in marginalized areas.
  • Startup aims to create affordable portable eye screening devices using telemedicine and AI.

Funding Announcement and Objective

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C3 Med-Tech, a healthtech startup based in Ahmedabad, has secured Rs 2 crore in funding from Industrial Metal Powders. The company’s objective is to streamline the introduction of novel telemedicine and AI-powered portable solutions tailored for eye examinations. By merging telemedicine with AI technology, the platform enables swift and precise diagnoses, facilitating timely interventions that can significantly enhance the likelihood of averting visual impairments and blindness. Yash Nagarsheth, the Founder & CEO of C3 Med-Tech, emphasized, “This investment will propel our endeavors to extend accessibility, especially in marginalized communities where the demand is most critical.”

Revolutionary AI-Powered Devices

C3 Med-Tech introduces a range of groundbreaking devices including the C3 Vision-Portable Slit Lamp, C3 Smartphone Fundus Camera, and C3 Slit Lamp Imaging System. These devices, approved by the US FDA, present a paradigm shift in diagnosing various eye ailments like cataracts, diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma, corneal infections, ocular surface disorders, and more, which often result in visual impairment and blindness. The forthcoming C3 Surgery Recording System will offer an exclusive solution for documenting eye surgeries, thus encompassing all aspects of ophthalmic diagnostics from initial screening to surgical procedures.

Nagarsheth stated, “The capital raised will be used to expand C3 Med-Tech’s footprint both within India and globally. The startup intends to accomplish this by ramping up marketing efforts, expanding the team, and investing in research and development for future products. Industrial Metal Powders, one of the largest custom surgical implant manufacturers in Southeast Asia, will provide guidance and support, enhancing our ability to combat preventable blindness effectively. Additionally, we are bolstering our leadership with a seasoned management team and experienced ophthalmologists who are experts in their field to help us develop market-relevant products.”

Focus on Preventable Blindness

Established by Yash Nagarsheth, C3 Med-Tech is dedicated to combating avoidable blindness through the provision of cost-effective and portable eye screening equipment. Formerly nurtured at the India-Healthcare Technology Innovation Centre (HTIC) at the Indian Institute of Technology Madras, C3 Med-Tech has garnered various grants, including the BIG’17 grant from the Department of Biotechnology, Indian Government, and numerous grants from the IIT Madras Incubation Cell. INFSPL, a Pune-based investment advisory firm, has also been instrumental in facilitating recent funding for C3. The integration of telemedicine and AI technology within C3 Med-Tech’s devices is anticipated to facilitate precise diagnoses and timely interventions, thereby improving the prospects of averting visual impairment and blindness.

C3 Med-Tech, a healthtech startup, secured Rs 2 crore from Industrial Metal Powders for their AI-powered solutions that enhance eye examinations. Their FDA-approved devices detect cataracts, diabetic retinopathy, and more, aiming to prevent avoidable blindness. The funding will fuel global expansion, R&D, and team growth. Partnering with Industrial Metal Powders adds expertise in combatting blindness. Led by Yash Nagarsheth, C3 Med-Tech focuses on cost-effective eye screening tools to fight preventable blindness. The fusion of telemedicine and AI technology anticipates improved diagnostics for avertable sight issues.

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