Innovative Underwear Brand 2Ballz Shark Tank India Presentation and Brand Overview

2Ballz on Shark Tank India

Three points you will get to know in this article:

  • Ankit, Anshuman, and Mohit seeking Rs 30 lakhs for a 50% stake at a valuation of Rs 6 crores.
  • Judges disapprove brand name, find it inappropriate and question founders’ marketing approach.
  • Vineeta criticized the brand name as too bold, potentially deterring customers.

Shark Tank India Featured 2Ballz

2Ballz logo

2Ballz is a clothing brand that specializes in producing underwear with a unique feature called the “SNUG FIT pouch.” This specialized pouch is designed to provide excellent support and separation for the wearer’s most valuable assets, offering comfort, hygiene, and lower temperature in the crotch area. The brand emphasizes the use of environmentally friendly materials, such as Tencel Modal fabric, aiming to provide relief from chafing and rashes while also ensuring a roll-resistant waistband.

2Ballz : Brand Presentation on Shark Tank India

Brand was started by three people named Ankit, Anshuman, and Mohit. They presented their brand on Shark Tank India. The judges asked them questions about their sales and what they were looking for on the show. Mohit showed the products to the judges and asked if they would be interested in using them. One of the judges, Aman, gave not-so-nice feedback. Another judge, Anupam, got very angry and questioned if the brand was worth leaving their jobs for. The founders asked for Rs 30 lakhs in exchange for 50% ownership, valuing the company at Rs 6 crores. Anupam Mittal was particularly upset about the brand’s name, “2Ballz.” He thought it was inappropriate. As they tried to explain their brand further, Anupam commented that the name was obscene, making them question the approach of attracting customers. Another judge, Vineeta, also agreed that the name was too bold and might discourage customers from buying the products.

Furthermore, Vineeta stated that their company currently only has 1000 customers. In contrast, Aman argued that the issue they are attempting to address is not a problem that men face today. During the episode, Anupam accused the company of copying a random foreign brand, as reported by TOI.

Funding 2Ballz Raised Till Date

2Ballz has yet to secure any funding rounds.

Competitors of 2Ballz

2Ballz is ranked third out of its three competitors, none of which are funded. There are no private Unicorns in the entire competition set.

Top Competitors of 2Ballz

MUDBOND: Founded in 2021 in Delhi, India, MUDBOND is an internet-first brand that offers performance innerwear for men.

Briefly: This brand was founded in 2020 in Tirupur, India, and it is an internet-first brand offering innerwear for men.

All the companies are currently unfunded, and they do not have a Unicorn rating or any disclosed funding information. Additionally, they have not gone through any funding rounds, and there are no details about their investors. In the overall ranking, MUDBOND holds the 1st position, while 2Ballz and Briefly are both ranked 3rd.

Shark Tank India is a reality show where innovators pitch their groundbreaking ideas to a group of prominent investors, seeking the capital and mentorship needed to bring their visions to life.

Karan Balodi

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