GYMPIK: “We like to call ourselves ‘Practo’ for fitness”

Gympik is a fitness solution provider for discovering fitness centers and gyms. Founded by Karan Malik and Amaresh Ojha in December 2012 with its headquarter in Bangalore. The startup providers users a mixed list of appropriate and capable fitness centers and gyms for the customers to select based on their preferences. The Health and fitness aggregator startup, rounds up the best gyms, yoga classes, aerobics centers, Zumba classes, personal trainers, yoga instructors and dietitians around your location.

CEO Ojha says, “Back then, such services were exclusive to Tier 1 cities because of the tech-friendly advanced crowd and easy accessibility of our business. But the demand has forced us to extend into Tier 2 and 3 cities. If we talk about cities such as Chandigarh, Ahmedabad, and Indore, the quantity has increased diversity. We are now targeting other cities such as Vishakhapatnam, Patna, and others.”

Amaresh Ojha is an alumnus of IIM Bangalore and holds an MBA degree. Ojha has worked with some tech firms such as Cisco and Bluestone, but he followed the fitness industry after realizing that he always had the search for a right fitness center near him, since his college days. Following his heart, Gympik has got over a lakh visitors Tier 2 cities of the three lakh visitors.

“This Rs 100 crore enterprise has attained in Rs 4 crore income in the current year. We grew profits by 200 percent from the last year and estimate to exceed even by the next mid-year.” Ojha said in an interview. Amaresh and his crew have broken the age of just listing fitness centers. The company now has more than 6,000 trainers along with 12,000 plus fitness centers in partnership with them.

The Gympik grew conducted a survey where they found that 6 out of 10 Indians invest less than Rs 500 on fitness and gym. Gympik target is to set up a strong Eco-system for the people who are price sensitive. He said, “We have also introduced application based training where the customers can workout on their body at their home. We also offer videos and suggestion blogs.”

In recent years, Gympik has acquired FitnessPapa and Oyo Fit to grasp its brand in the corporate wellness section. “Our acquisition of both the FitnessPapa and Oyo Fit are to the firm. Because both firms were of ‘pre-class model’, which means if anyone is subscribing to us, the person can use any of the services like gym, yoga or Zumba. Small teams of both players still join with us.” he added.

Apart from its fitness programme and activities, Gympik also provides customers to calculate BMI, BMR, heartbeat rate, calories burnt based on height, weight and other workout details. And it also has more than 30 different workouts including Karate, Mixed martial arts, swimming, boxing, and others.

The fitness firm claims to have a partnership with 25 corporates, which includes True Wealth, Apollo Jiyo, Sapiens, and others. It also runs a unique awareness programme called Soul-o-Fit. It is generally arranged in anywhere around a city. One of the successful events had 900 people in attendance and 35 percent of people registered for fitness activities.

Shubham Mishra

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